Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Resolutions - in case you need more

On your quest for more purpose in your life, here are a few more resolutions to help you achieve results that will inspire you.

Remind yourself of your theme. “This is a simple compass setting,” says Shapiro. “It does not dictate a specific outcome and does not imply a particular path or plan. Write your theme on a Post-It Note and stick it on your computer screen. Write it on your bathroom mirror. Put it anywhere as a quick reminder to what you are about at this moment in time. Resolutions are things to do. Themes are a way to be.”

2. Remain open to new possibilities and to changes in direction at any point in the future. Finally, concludes Shapiro: “Themes are not set in stone. If the theme you chose is not working, feel free to change it. Themes are designed to help you experience life more fully. You should never feel constrained or limited.”

If you haven't started on your resolutions yet... maybe this will help. For those of you who have already broken some, if not all of your resolutions, here is a chance to start again.

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