Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Yes I remember that!

Pride of place in thousands of homes WORLDWIDE
Did your family go without to have a full set of Encyclopaedia Britannica ?  Mine DID!

On sunday, when killing time as I sometimes do, I wandered around a local Flea market and there was a full set of EB for $5.00 which I am sure was more for the book case than the books.

A simple question: What else did you have that now no longer exists in any meaningful way... like a film camera or a fax machine for example.

I was contemplating what will disappear due to our reaction to the Coronavirus?

Over to you?


Sunday, March 01, 2020

Jack Ma of Alibab fame says the current crisis is a time to retool, reflect and prosper!

Jack Ma, the co-founder of Asia’s biggest company by capitalisation, said the coronavirus epidermic in China presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to retool themselves and prepare for the growth that lies ahead when the outbreak subsides.
Ma, the retired chairman of Alibaba Group Holding and principal of the non-profit Hupan College  in Hangzhou, told students to “find a direction amid crisis and change” that is besetting the country.

“Reflect on what you really want, what you have, and what you need to give up, or stick to,” 
Ma said.

Ma told students to “learn digital working methods” and “adopt internet technology.” Alibaba launched its Taobao online shopping platform in 2003 when China was locked down during a nationwide outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome, or Sars.

is now the world’s largest e-commerce website, reporting 3 trillion yuan (US$428 billion) in transaction volume in 2017 with its Tmall.com sibling site.

Ma then channelled Kyocera Corporation’s founder Kazuo Inamori, whose management and leadership turned the television component maker into one of Japan’s largest companies.

At the age of 77
 in 2010, Inamori – three years into his retirement at Kyocera – was asked to become the chairman and chief executive of Japan’s flag carrier Japan Airlines as it headed into bankruptcy protection. The carrier was restructured, and re-listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in November 2012.

Inamori had five strategies for companies during times of recession, according to Ma:

Strategy One: Every employees should turn to sales

Every employee should turn to sales, to arouse latent demand among clients, Ma cited Inamori in saying.
“Even in a company with tip-top technology, selling a product is still the foundation of the company’s operation,” Inamori said. “It is impossible to get orders during recessions if employees lack the spirit in making all-out efforts for clients.”

Strategy Two:
 Spare no effort to develop new products

A recession is a golden opportunity for companies to innovate and expand sales.
“Clients are too free during a recession. They will also propose new ideas after listening to yours. This would create orders that you never imagined before, so that you can expand your business.”

Strategy Three:
 Radical cost cuts

Recession is the only chance to cut costs, as every employee would strive to make it happen, Inamori said.
“You need to lower the break-even point of the whole company by making efforts to reduce production costs,” Inamori said. “If a company can maintain profitability when the turnover is halved, it would be even more profitable when sales returns to normal.”

Strategy Four: 
Maintain high production rate

Companies should maintain their usual high productivity rate even in times of recession, by reassigning excess labour from the production line to other tasks to maintain the cadence and vibe of the work cycle. “Once productivity drops, it would not be easy to restore,” Inamori said.

Strategy Five: 
Establish favourable interpersonal relations

“The most important thing for managing a company is the relationship between the manager and employees,” Inamori said, adding that employers must “love and protect” employees, while employees need to understand the manager, they need to help and support each other.

So, it is time to build on the opportunites that will surely come in the next few weeks and months...

All the best and may you prosper!


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Holden Toast?

The last of a line!

General Motors, apparently the world's leading motorcar brand, just announced that it will cease supporting ANY right hand drive car markets [ 25% of the market ] anywhere in the world. That means by the end of 2021 there will be no Holden branded new cars in Australia or New Zealand. and brand equity of about $2 billion will be flushed down the toilet. Ahh well it is only money.

But wait what about people with Holden in their DNA - well they will get over it! But there will be pain!

Number 1 always falls over but ALWAYS!

IBM was number 1 until it wasn't, Pan Am was number 1 until it wasn't... Ansett was number 1 until it wasn't. General Motors in Australia was number 1 until Toyota grabbed the crown and just wait it won't be number 1 forever. Who says Hyundai or Kia will grab that crown??

The Law of Nature is at work everywhere!

#Number 1, 
#Wayne Mansfield, 

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Cockroach upsets virus quarantine victim SERIOUSLY[?]

There are many concequences of the coronavirus scare from China... the Australian Government has flown back GRATIS many Australian Citizens from China and put them into quarantine on Christmas Island... and the press is having a field day.. with one lady compaining that there was a cockroah in her accomodation... compared to being in lock down in Wuhan china where 20k already are positive to the virus.

The econmic consequences for Western Australia will be severe - for each $1 of iron pricing per tonne, the Government getts $83 million in tax... and already the price is down $13 a tonne, or in revenue, nearly $1 billion give or tak a few $$$$'s OUCH that might hurt.

Yesterday, I was looking at real estate to take advantage of the downturn... a unit in the Eastern Suburbs where the owner was offering 3 years settlement with possession in the meantime... it was shit - poorl;y built, by a builder who cut corners, and has now folded... but hey it was cheap!

It reminded me of a previous client, let's call him Rod to protect the innocent, who tripled his inome in Real Estate during one of the previoous busts in Perth real estate... he said the change came from swivlng in his chair so he looked at properties in South Perth which were in the millions from where he was selling, Vic Park, where propertis were in the $100k's. He said to me, the deals were the same just a few more 000 on the asking price BUT he still had to leand the purchaser the $10 to make the contract legal...

So, I think I will swivel my chair a bit.

{ as I just said to my agent... I am looking for a snatched back bentley rather than a clapped out commodore [ do they make them any more?]

So, ther e must be some great bargains at the big end of town? I am thinking!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

On Line 2020 Version

Long ago, maybe 20 plus years I remember getting on the internet with a dial up modem - 14,400 KBps is all you will ever need said the sales guy - from a kitchen in a hotel in Ireland and everybody stared... this morning, I am in a shopping centre using free wifi and nobody is giving me a second glance... usually I use the wifi at the coffee place but I found this is more private - because nobody notices!

Home is in a state of flux... we had a power outage on Friday evening and our modem decided not to reconnect - try licving ina place where everything that can be is connected and then suddenly it isn't... you realise how much has changed since the internet was a "human right"

So, before I do the rest of my walk I will do some contemplation here where the wifi is free.