Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fact or fiction - whatever happened to trusted news?

Thought for Today 51/500

When is an apology not an apology?? I don't remember it happening, if it did I must have been drunk... and I am sorry but the demon drink made me do it - circa 2017 Kevin Spacey
I still wonder how many of the actors have left for Canada yet?? Or are they not so "oh so pure" now and they will hang out with their mates in Tinsel Town.

Chris Gayle's defamation case comes up with the mainstream press with more egg on their face. Just looking on, why would this happen after 10 years?? or had it been happening for 10 years and things had changed?? or as this version of the Court ruled, it didn't happen.
Russell Crowe is sounding off about "been seen with a sweet young thing" he says his PA press see something else.
Poor old me, is reduced to reading stuff and wondering which pile to stick it in fiction or Non Fiction or the new category developed by Dan Brown Factionary [ fiction based on facts!]
Or the Donald says: Fake news
I have an answer - just make the shit up - like the magazines do about Leytton Hewitt [ he runs a weekly blog correcting the story]
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Monday, October 30, 2017

Just what language are Swedish instructions from IKEA written in

A Smaller IKEA Osborne Park Western Australia

Thought for Today 50/500

My company on my walk to the coffee office was James Altucher interviewing Richard Branson about his new book "Finding my Virginity" I have the book - found it in an airport shop on my last trip to Melbourne three weeks ago but can't seem to get into it yet...maybe I will now after James highlighted Branson's love of adventure, family and delegation.

The weekend was involved... there must be a better way for IKEA to write their instructions or are they in league with the professional assembler crowd. To defuse a family fist fight Joanne and I left Erica to muse about what the instructions meant for her chest of draws.

I wonder how the Constantly Negative News crowd will spin this week - lots of things for them to discuss the world over. #WayneMansfield #BusinessSeminarsAustralia originally published in Rebootology on Facebook

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Is there gluten in there?

I didn't do it - promise!
Thought for Today 49/500 - The unfair attack on gluten!

Freakonomics Stephen Dubner has a great program on what has happened since the media has latched onto the effects of gluten - [ Celiac disease (CD) is a genetic, autoimmune disorder that occurs in reaction to the ingestion of gluten.]
Most people who go gluten free don't have celiac and America has gone from 1 in 10,000 people having it [ obviously wrong ] to 1 in 150 again obviously wrong.
So, who benefits - not the people avoiding gluten according to studies now 20 years old [ some have higher heart attack rates etc ] but mainly processed food manufacturers who by taking out gluten have been able to increase prices from 10 % to 300 % with the resulting ballooning of weekly grocery bills.
Is it real - yes. Is it worth treating - yes are we over reacting YES!! A bit like making butter a demon - now research shows it is really good for you!

But hey, you and I know that not everything that tastes good is bad for you!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Who will win the Melbourne Cup?

Thought for Today 48/500

When younger I lost a lot of sleep worrying about politics... and found out whilst I was doing that, my business and private life suffered.

October 2017 will go down as a political world earthquake as seen from an Aussie - constitutional crisis in Canberra, unexpected result in New Zealand, trouble in Catolonia and Span, Donald Trump being crazy, the North Koreans doing silly things, and Qatar still arguing with its "Arab Brothers" and for the oh so self righteous left the Harvey Weinstein show.

So what is one to do? I am reminded of the saying "You don't have to like the rules, but you are ob ligated to know them"

So how can you and I keep going, smiling, and come out the other side better for these distractions.

Firstly don't let Constant Negative News in [ or Always Bloody Correct ] hijack your thinking. and - I don't know what the and is... but it has to be better than CNN and ABC.

Who will win the Melbourne Cup?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Is the cost of parking the new measure of affluence?

Darwin Office Pods

Thought for Today 47/500
I need space when I write - like now in the coffee place at an ungodly hour - it's not yet 6 am here in Perth - so I have been looking for somewhere that allows me to be nearly invisible but able to do DEEP work on my new book DONE!
I found such a place yesterday at Regus Garden Park Osborne Park, and it made me reflect on my first service office - way back when.

I had a serviced office [ back when they were looked down on and not the norm ] in the St Martins Tower Perth - I can't recall how much the office was but I do recall that reserved parking was $1200 a month [ this was 20 years ago ] and the office was "less than a secretary's [ they now are PA's or EA's ] wage" so probably $2000 a month.

2017 version - all day parking in Osborne Park will be $8.20 with first 2 hours free and the all you can eat model of business lounger access, free wifi, coffee etc is $185.00 per month.
Now I am not sure what that is in deflation bu it says something about times... and I can access 3000 similar places in 900 cities around the world.

Oh I can book other stuff on my smart phone app!

And I doubt anyone will look down their nose when I invite them to my Perth office [ or Sydney or Brisbane or Darwin etc ]

How times change. [ originally published in Rebootology ]

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Are we On The Road to Ruin

Listen on Audible

Thought for Today 46/500
Why do we talk about the weather so much?? I don't know but that isn't going to stop me. When asked about the weather in paradise - Perth Western Australia is that from October to March it is hot and dry and no rain. Sounds perfect if everything is air conditioned, as it is!
Well it was belting down with rain this morning October 26th with more to come according to "them". My question then is: "What is going on"
My walk this morning was an education session listening to James Rickards "The road to ruin" If you find stuff interesting, I highly recommend it. I am enjoying it on Audible. Listening is one of the few things hat allow multi tasking. Listen to a book also allow exercise. Highly recommended!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Learn to live on coconuts and figs...

Waiting for the NBN!

Thought for Today 45/500
Great walk this morning to coffee office... I am listening to the Audible book The Road to Ruin by James Rickards - what interesting stuff... makes me wonder if I should be off to a secluded island and learn to live on coconuts and figs...

And back in my real world I am wondering if when I get the NBN in 2020 it will be the fast one or the crap on...

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Milo anyone

Thought for Today 44/500

Well I think supplements work. I haven't been "up and at them" at 3.30 am for months... Blu the Cat doesn't know what to do!

Was watching Paul Murray Live last night. Ross Cameron went off the deep end but was pulled into line by Graeme and Janine. Well done guys.
Then Paul interviewed #MiloYiannopolous and I think, if he is right, the next 30 years will be an interesting time. Milo's take is that Left Wing Elites have pushed Political Correctness too far and it is now time for the "great unwashed" majority to reclaim their opinions etc. As I said, should be interesting times.
If you are interested in doing stuff let me know. I have a number of projects on the go that I could use a hand with.
Milo Yiannopolous
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Monday, October 23, 2017

Feet of Clay

Just dirty or Feet of Clay
Thought for Today 43/500
Rather rough start to the day... my marketing system was unresponsive and my coffee office wifi problematic.
Just saw some note about NBN CEO saying technology might need to be restricted to allow them to make a quid.
My daughter has a new apartment in East Perth - mobile internet is about 75 mg/sec and the adsl suggests she will get between 3 and 6 mg/sec.
With Dad [ me ] paying for her connections, which do you think she will settle on??
Strange weather over the weekend - tropical I think which isn't Perth - warm during day and storms at night.

The #metoo movement has claimed one of my heros and I wonder who else has feet of clay... and the judgements are so subjective.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Said the spider to the fly

That's the problem with short term memory

Thought for Today 42/500
Droning droning in the background is that guy who has scared off a number of people who used to come to my place of solitude - sometimes people don't get it - reminds of "said the spider to the fly"
A good friend, Mark Whitehouse, has run for local council and given that 90% of votes are already in by post, do you think I can find any local press on results... not Dr Google, the Sunday Times, bloody frustrating and I think it explains a lot- when a crazy went crazy in Las Vegas you couldn't get away from it but stuff that might matter - nowhere to be found. Maybe a local TV station - nah! all news rooms control from Sydney and Melbourne.
Do vitamin and supplements work? I am not sure and this time
last year, before having a month off in Italy, Joanne and I gave up our "pills and potions". And in a year I haven't noticed any detriment but I am finally convinced I should take two supplements - multis for those over 50 and Glucosamine for the aches and pains... I will let you know in a couple of months if I notice and benefits!
Why now... a long commute to Melbourne on Monday - something I have done dozens of times, has take a week to recover from. I had lots of sleep yesterday - so much Joanne asked me "Are you sick?"
So, Chemist Warehouse here I come.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hopefully above ground!

Are you working DEEPLY?

Thought for Today 41/500
I am preparing for my new session DONE! Getting more important things done.... and have committed to researching new productivity stuff.
The new thinking is about making a distinction between Deep and shallow work - I have just listened to DEEP WORK by Cal Newport on Audible.
So, I will try and journal how much time I do deep work against shallow work - I am concerned that drinking coffee [ Australia's gift to the world Flat White ] won't make Deep Work.

I watched a great program on TV [ yes I like TV ] last night about 4 older English people searching for a place to retire - they visited Japan Kyoto where 30% of people are over 60!! What disturbed me was one of the group, who was identified as Wayne a classical dancer [ ballet no less ] said he had stopped thinking of dying - he was 68 and I have to say I am a young 66 and I never think of dying. It really disturbed my but the eldest of the group was 88 and he was a ball of fun... he was in his prime a professional dart player.
All the more reason for REBOOTOLOGY.
The Japanese have active work programs for those over 60 and getting a job is easy - sign up and they place you in 24 hours - it was interesting here a 88 year old being asked

"Where will you be in 5 years?" I think his answer was "Hopefully above ground!"

Friday, October 20, 2017

Knock Knock Knocking on Penny's Door

Penny Penny Penny

Thought for Today 40/500
The power of the trivial! I check in most days on Howard who writes about life and nonsense every day on Facebook.
Sometimes he writes deep and meaningful but mostly just fun and nonsense.
Yesterday he wrote about putting ginger in the curry - now ginger was the kids cat - and the comments set the world on fire. You Tube is ablaze with cat "torture" videos [ cats doing silly things ]
Just why do we find such pleasure in such things of NO substance??
This weekend in my state we are having local elections and 65% of people will blissfully ignore them but will complain when their green rubbish isn't collected on time... or will they complain or is it some whinging person that just annoys everyone.
Aaah we need all sorts to make the world go round.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nigel the Pelican friend of NEMO

What's so unusual about being called Nigel?

Thought for Today 39/500
At coffee office - should have been doing sessions today but giving body time to recover from the 2017 version of the flu - thanks Susana for the encouragement - "My friend though it was the flu but the Doctor says it is lung Cancer" Mmmm I think I have the flu!
Yesterday started with me being accosted by the man who wanted to talk... and that attitude coloured my day. Today I have decided to be happier!!
So to start with examples of amazing service in contrast to yesterdays writings.
I had a steak lunch at the 7 Mile Inn in Balcatta. They have a lunch special steak - good value and the steak is usually cooked as ordered - medium rare for me - and the merlot is Jacobs Creek so nearly a perfect lunch.
My computer needed charging so I could write - but no power points in sight. I asked the duty manager and he said... "hold on a moment - I will run and extension cord for you and you can charge away!!" Good service delivered with unexpected good humour. Well done 7 Mile Inn.
I have been getting phone calls about my ABN number not showing the correct details and a major Local Government rang to order courses BUT the ABN was confusing.
I rang a help line and got NIGEL. We joked, laughed and shared [ yes he was from the Government and he did help me ] and he found out that when ASIC took over the State Business Name Registers somehow our records got "confused" NIGEL said he wanted to help more but couldn't but he then gave me the phone number to call, suggested the best time to call, explained what I had to ask ASIC to do and how it would work. Yes NIGEL was with the Government.
Thursday is a deep work day for me - I call it my warrior day - so after writing walking and my coffee, I will enter warrior mode but today I will start with a mindset of gratitude rather than confrontation.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I want my space - please piss off!

I came here for solitude

Finished coffee and ready for action!
My coffee place has an alcove which is usually available for me - no need for eye contact, talking with, or interaction with others - a sanctuary if you like.
Hell when I turned the corner there was someone there waiting to talk to me. It was the guy who comes to the coffee place to share his point of view about the ills of the world and to hell if you have an opinion.
anyway, sometime ago, I said I don't want to chat this morning I came to write and I haven't been bothered yesterday and he turned his attention to someone else who, having been to polite to tell him to piss off, didn't come today.
Anyway I was asked why?? And I have him a straight answer which obviously was a mistake because after 5 minutes I had to ask him to leave me alone...
So, my question, do you have one of those people who are only interested in finding someone to convert to their point of view and who forget that we have one mouth and two ears and don't use them in that proportion!
So, the first 15 minutes of my sanctuary were a battle ground and my usual tranquil day beginning has been disrupted.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Call Buttons and NO service??

Is this drinkable??
Thought for Today 37/500
Well I am back in Perth - the weather her is like Melbourne - dull, drizzling, windy etc BUT without the chill! One lady at the sessions said she used to live in Rockingham but had been in Melbourne for 16 years and didn't want to come back - the weather does that to you - makes you mental! But I suppose living with all those English migrants in their thongs and socks gets to you! Just ask Western Australia's Premier Mark McGowan - he has gone made since living in Rockingham.
Well, I spent most of my 5400 kilometre commute sleeping.. as you do when you fly - I just don't understand people who can' sleep on planes... heck I slept on the bus to the airport - the driver cam to find me because nobody collected my luggage.
tried coke with coffee - god id was awful. The coffee tasted like coffee syrup - I thought Australia had moved on since then [ flat white anyone? ] Coke will look for answer why it failed but coffee taste won't be considered... but again incase Coke is listening, it tasted bloody awful!
Point of view - As I see it! : [ instead of Rant ]
2 hours into the return flight from Melbourne I woke and had missed the meal service... and durin the 5 minutes I had been awake I had made small chat with my traveling companion two seats away - he was a Holden fan and had a neat RIP T Shirt on - and he offered to push the service button. Now on every flight the captain welcomes you and says "Bob [ or Betty] and their team are here to help and make your flight fantastic..." so I was expecting some one would turn up. Well a delightful [ she really was so I didn't get angry at any stage - although there were many reasons to ] flight steward eventually came 42 minutes after pushing the button and said "the call light is on - did anyone want something? or was it a mistake??"
And another 20 minutes later I got a serve of cheese and bikkies and a glass of read... people say its me but the difference between seat 32D in economy and 7B in business is $1500.
I think I will learn to put up with being ignored - when the service did come it was delightful... maybe they need more stewards?? maybe??

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Where do the students park at this high school?

Anywhere they please apparently!

OK I will drive myself but where do I park?
Thought for Today 36/500
I am sitting in Queen Street Melbourne - you forget how cold Melbourne is until you visit again! - having a coffee - about 3000 kilometres from my last coffee in Perth.
I am going to do 6 hours of sessions than fly back to Perth and away from the cold.
Why is coffee so cheap in Melbourne - it could be that it is terrible but that maybe just this place but what costs $4.40 in Perth costs only $3.20 here - strange stuff!!
Unexpected consequences?? In today's photo I have a story from the Perth Sunday Times that talks about parking issues at Perth's secondary school... when they increased the age that ypung people had to continue education, there was no allowance that more students would be of Drivers Licence Age and they would choose to drive to school. The result - chaos at the start and finish of the school day as students collide with parents dropping off and picking up younger students and a general lack of parking... the people who increased the school leaving age, didn't plan for more students driving to school.
There are dozens of examples of "unexpected consequences" like this and I will find a few and share them with you as they make themselves known.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Airline food in Cardboard Boxes! Where will it end?

REALLY AWFUL - airline food [ already questionable ] served in a card board Box

Thought for Today 35/500
Getting ready for midnight flight this evening to Melbourne... arrive 6'ish, to the city, two sessions [ one 9 to 12 than 1 to 4 ] back to airport, and back in Perth for a coffee and merlot before bed. How is that for a commute - 5400 Kilometre round trip!
Ooops and they don't serve Merlot in the Qantas Lounge! Melbourne airport does have a Nandos so I can avoid the airline food - Qantas now serve it in take away cardboard boxes... I think you can take cost cutting too far - it is inedible!! Trust me, I tried a few flights back and nearly choked on it..
Article in today's newspaper glorifying Elvis and Priscilla - seems insensitive with all that is going on in Hollywood and the casting couch.
The thing that gets my goat today is the AFL trying to get a minimum $10 million payment for 20 years from the new stadium in Perth - greedy bastards I say!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Do finger Prints Change?

Why not just reduce prices??

Thought for Today 34/500
This morning I am listening to Peter Diamandis - the most electric mind I have heard - author of ABUNDANCE and BOLD books that talk about "the world is better than you think."
Need a lift?? Read these or listen to Peter - your life will never be the same again.
What is your Massively Transformative Purpose ??
Can finger prints change?? Yes is the answer so identification by your "finger mark" isn't 100% fool proof - I wonder whether DNA will become fallible?? Rather than operators getting slack [ as in Western Australia ] will illness or other biology change your DNA?
The mainstream media, who must have known, going crazy about the relevations of the Hollywood casting couch. And the plebes lapping it up... and I am sure those magazins will have bumper sales this month.
Thought for Day podcast is here:
Do me a favour please - leave a comment or a rating over at iTunes - I appreciate you.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Leave the clocks alone its natures way

The universe has a wicked sense of humour... I have been working on a project for about a month, everything is looking great but this morning we took 5 steps back!! I think SHE [ I always think of the Universe as a SHE } is saying, don't get in front of yourself!! Anyway, the easy day isn't today!
Tomorrow is Saturday and with Mark at ProCopy we will record some more Thoughts of the Day - glad you are liking them rebootology.podbean.com or search iTunes "Rebootology" to subscribe.
Did you know Red Wine every day is like medicine - better than an apple a day. I am not sure I like the idea of non meat meat grown in a lab.
Eastern States people not calculating daylight saving time... I am getting lots of people ringing really early and getting "edgy" when I don't phone back until the sun gets up in Perth... the next thing is that they will want us to change our clocks.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Traditional News - is it worth it at 50% off?

Be careful or you will drop your teeth
Here is a thought for you... I stopped my subscription for the West Australian newspaper some months ago... I have been getting my news fix on the phone.
Got an email - says "come back we miss you" and we will give you a 50% discount on what you used to pay.
I am thinking, should I go back?? Joanne and I currently buy the Saturday and Sunday versions at cover price... so getting a week on the new rate is only a $1 more...
What do you think??
Juggling has shown to reduce stooping in people older than 70... of course you have to catch a few balls for it to be effective!
Hollywood tearing itself apart but still lecturing everybody else... and all the time I think Canada thanks its lucky stars that actors don't have the strength of their convictions - I thought they said if The Donald became POTUS they would immigrate.
As if we are surprised!! I am surprised that they are only saying Harvey was ugly - when will the anti-semetic shrill start??

#WayneMansfield #wayne Mansfield #BusinessSeminarsAustralia

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Socceroos progress [ JUST!! ]

What's the world coming too?

Isn't it painful watching Australia's soccer [ football] team struggle against an opponent that really should have been out for the count - or are we really that bad that our star [ Timmy ] is 90 days short of his 38 birthday.
And our super brat Kyrios chucks a hissy fit with the ref and walk off the tennis court in China.
That's got to do with everyone is a winner mentality and don't bother about keeping score, winning doesn't matter - pigs arse!!
Just heard that there is a new surf club in Perth's northern beaches that has reintroduced [ against the common trend the commentator said ] under 8 and under 9 COMPETITION, where they keep score, for surf lifesaving. Apparently it is important when saving lives that you at least try to win....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blue ocean v Red Ocean Business strategy??

I am out of here

Blue ocean v Red Ocean Business strategy??
That is what trigger the grey matter this morning. Apparently, in business, you can compete and the water will become bloody [ Red Ocean ] or find a new niche and have it to yourself. [ Blue Ocean ]
So that is what was going on... we used to develop new subjects, go to new cities, and get new people - the wide blue ocean and then people came along and competed with us [ the ocean turned red ] Yet what we should have been doing is moving further forward...
Your only competitor when you think this way is "The future" and there is so much of that... everything to come is the future.
Why do we sneeze less when sleeping?? Apparently it has to do with REM... any more explanation is for you to find... call it your home work!
When will the Australian Government, you know the clowns we elected to Govern, start governing?? We are in a place of indecision again: Same Sex Marriage, The GST, The foreign citizenship High Court Challenge, gas shortage, hung parliament, $50 billion submarines and more all waiting for a decision... get on with it guys - and don't do a Nick Zenaphon - who has grabbed his bat and ball and gone home!

Monday, October 09, 2017

Pocket Cast - a Gem from Adelaide

Thought for Day 29/500
The first 13 episodes of The Rebootology podcast have been published... thanks Mark Whitehouse for your amazing editing skills.
Mark sent me this note yesterday:
Podcast App Alternative:
Apparently some people are dropping Apple for this http://www.shiftyjelly.com/pocketcasts/
The app was developed in Adelaide by a small team and I have been using it for a few years BUT you have to pay something for it I Think it was $4 but it is worth it.
Want to listen to Rebootology?
The url is rebootology.podbean.com and I recommend double speed - makes the pain go faster! LOL

Friday, October 06, 2017

The Maids Day out

Friday in Perth - apparently the only place in Australia not either flooding or cooking. It amuses me when we have the West Australian weather forecast - over in 20 seconds for an area 7 times the size of Texas.
The Rebootology Podcast is up and working - I find listening to me at double speed is best!! the link is rebootology.podbean.com in your podcast app.
You can make a razor sharp on a leather strap because it has jewellers dust on it... jewellers dust has little tinny pieces of diamonds - the worlds hardest natural thing. So there!
Ever noticed groups of Filipina sharing coffee?? I think they are swapping notes about how to end up with the money. Considering the Las Vegas situation this week I am convinced of it. Sorry if that offends but Rose Hancock in Perth did it well - ended up with a few houses and nearly $50 million. Not bad for a house keeper.

Discussing House KEEPING tactics

Thursday, October 05, 2017

AGATHA how many ways do I love you?

Thought of the Day 25/500
Thursday in Perth and as I am sure I will report for a few months to come - endless blue sky.
I have been listening to Gary Vaynerchuk on the walks the last few days... and this mornings chat with James Altucher was uplifting. May I suggest that you find him on your podcast player and infuse yourself with some reality - he says that being an entrepreneur means he eats shit every day... I needed to hear that because the last few days have been like working through a shit sandwich but to hear it is normal, even though I have been doing this for 40 years - is somehow liberating.
Apparently there is a new Youtube Video too which I will check out and let you know about.
Cold milk froths more than room temperature milk because the fats haven't broken down yet. So, to get the best HOT milk for your flat white you need to start with chilled milk.
A first world problem... how can FOXTEL say they have a new series when they are just recycling through their channels... after settling in to watch a new series of Agatha Raisin found out very quickly that I had seen it last year - the show had just switched channels bugger and damn.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Do kangaroos have paws?

Perth is celebrating spring today... well blue skies and it is warming up. All the rain means the wild flowers are amazing. The colours of spring!!
The main stream media is having a field day with the Las Vegas shooting. Vitim pics, victim stories, hero stories etc, oh and the conspiracy theories... and the local newspaper is unreadable with the first 12 pages devoted to this American insanity.
How can someone get 23 machine guns into there hotel room?? and no one say something??
The car is back from the repairer as good as new.
Why do overheated eggs go grey?? It is the sulphur in the them... cook them less. [ Rotten egg smell is sulphur! ]

This years flu season and that the flu shot is not effective for nearly 70% of the people who have it... isn't that false advertising?
Kangaroo Paw Perth Western Australia

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

How many public holidays are too many?

How many balls can I juggle?

Just taking a breather at my morning office - coffee good and sky outside is an amazing BLUE

Short week due to an amazing number of different public holidays yesterday and next Monday around Australia [ and one on Friday in Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final ] and the day started with my March date falling on a Victorian public holiday - how do we get anything done in Australia - 52 weekends, up to 12 public holidays AND 4 weeks annual leave....

Monday, October 02, 2017

Just what is a squids Fist?

Thought of the Day 22/500
How easy it is for a habit to become something you forget to do!! I have been writing every morning for the first hour which includes the Thought of the Day.
Having been laid low for 36 hours by the dreaded lurgy this morning I was out the door at 5 ish for my walk but without the back pack - laptop pens inspiration etc. I realised about 10 minutes into the walk and decided I would do this when I got home... it is nearly 9 and I am really forcing myself to write.
Lesson: When a pattern is broken [ the good one ] remind yourself to retrace the steps and get back to where you should be.
For those of you interested, the podcast now has 9 episodes up and until the iTunes listing starts showing up you can access the podcast at rebootology.podbean.com I would love to know what you think.
So, for the nonsense: Here is my cartoon representation of how I feel. [ Just what is a squids Fist?}
And the RANT:
Day light saving in Eastern Australia started... please don't tell us in the West that somehow we have to follow you clowns.

 Just what is a squids Fist?

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Fire Aim Repeat

Thought of the day 21/500
Officially, writing is is now a habit - 21 days in a row!
I subscribe to do, it doesn't have to be perfect AT FIRST. SO, when I sat here in my early morning office yeaterday there was no Rebootology podcast - there is now one, with 14 episodes recorded and the first WELLDONEs from the USA in. Sure it could be better but by episode 500 it will be perfect - if we waited we would never get there.
My voice isn't perfect on the recording - by 90 minutes the flu was winning but the genius of Mark Whitehouse at ProCopy saved the day and by 11pm last night the had 6 episodes up on rebootology.podbean.com plus I submitted the details to iTunes directory and we have double digit downloads.
Mark Whitehouse at home - we all know he lives here
So my thought for the day is this - action gets results... or another way activity gets results although sometimes not from the activity.