Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Managing Older Salespeople

In the great newsletter, Managers Minute Newsletter they tackle real problems that affect all businesses. In a recent article by Brian Jeffrey, the challenge of older salespeople is addressed:

Here is what Brian Jeffrey had to say

"Whether by choice or necessity, many people today are staying in the workforce longer. There are a lot of folks (me included) who missed out on the early retirement, Freedom 55 craze that spread across North America. Many of us are now working on a Freedom 95 (or death, whichever comes first) retirement plan!

So whether it's for love of work or economic necessity, the older salesperson is much more prevalent in the workforce today. These older salespeople present a challenge to younger sales managers. They're also a handful for us older sales managers.

The Gaps

There is not only a generation gap between these two groups of people; in some cases it's a generations gap. It's not unusual these days to have a 65-year-old salesperson reporting to a 25-30 year old manager.

In addition to the age gap, there is also an ... rest of article here

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