Tuesday, March 18, 2014

200 Outreach program... just what is it?

This morning I was doing my 7 km walk and listening to podcasts... this morning it was Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn... he was talking with English Magician Kenneth Kelly of  MagicTricksforKids.org and they discussed Neil Patel's 200 outreach program...

Here is what I found when looking for the information... I will be doing this for our Cryptocoin project:

In Neil's words:

What I’ll do is go to Odesk.com and pay someone like $100 to find 200 twitter users, 200 bloggers and 200 web site owners to write and talk about my related niche. I’ll have the Odesker get all of the relevant information for the web master as well as their email address.

So when the day comes when we create a really great blog posts or when I have an eBook that I want to give away, I will ask my Odesker to get those bloggers to reciprocate or more so to link to my content.

I will do the same thing with the Twitter users, I’ll direct message them with a unique message every time and the same with web site owners. Like “hey dude, you link out to other web site owners in my space, why not link out to mine as well and here is what we provide that’s different.”