Sunday, June 24, 2007

Medicine is a Leading Cause of Injury and Death?

You may think medicine helps you stay healthy and alive, but it could be making you sick and driving you to an early grave!

Acording to Dr. William Campbell Douglass in his latest Don't Drink the Water newsletter:

You have all heard "Eat your vegetables. Wear sunscreen. Exercise till you drop."

As an individual living in the 21st century, these so-called health maxims are everywhere -- on TV and radio, on the Internet and even in your mailbox. If you're not munching on carrot sticks, wearing SPF 45 and competing in 42-kilometer marathons, you're going to die tomorrow, right?


The truth is, not all vegetables are good for you. Sunscreen does nothing to prevent skin cancer. And there's no conclusive proof that exercise helps you live longer. All these "maxims" are actually myths perpetuated by governments, healthcare firms, and "benevolent" Pharma companies.

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