Wednesday, December 01, 2021

60+ you should set goals because you have a long time to go!

Did you notice that really old people succumbed to Covid - people aged 80, 90, and even 100+ My grandmother died at 63 of old age, my mother didn't make it that far, my fther was 75+ and my aunty was nearly 90. People are living longer- in 1880 people in the US had a life expectancy of 39, that changed in 1930 to 58 and is currently 79 with more people living passed 100 than ever before.


The goal setting books that impacted most peoples lives and now are freely available - like Think and grow Rich were written when people lived to old age of 60... now if you are 60 the chances are you will make 100! My simple question: what is your 10 year goal? I shortened mine to 90 days because people coule believe that but after 2 years of Covid, I have reset my goals to at least 2032 because I will live that long and more.

I want to challenge you to start to think about the most productive years of your life!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Are you keeping your commitment to yourself?

I have been listening to the views of Andy Frisella of The MFCEO Project and the REALAF Podcasts. I remember when my son, Matthew, said I should listen [That is word of mouth working] he also said you probably won't like the language [There are lots of the MF word} and Andy sounds perpetually angry. Well I listen with the filter on [I don't hear the MF words] and he sounds less angry the more you agree with him.

I am doing his Program 75 Hard which is about building self discipline and I remember him saying that to complete the 75 Hard, each day finished at midnight.

One of the things I have set myself is to do 20,000 steps a day instead of going to a gym. At 9.30pm last night, I was at 16700 steps and I didn't want to start over so, at 9.30pm, I went walking to get passed the 20,000 steps goal that I set myself - it felt good to do it but I was hoping nobody stopped me and asked "what are you doing?" so, I have know gone 46 days without missing a step in the process.

Podcast Link "The RealAF"

Link to 75 Hard

Listening to Andy is like watching the news on the ABC and then on Fox and wondering what is the truth. I commend you have a listen and test your beliefs. [ Yes it is challenging ]

My challenge is to get you to start thinking for yourself.

Sidenote: I would like to thank Marlene R, who took me to task for poor grammer in the last newsletter - the wrong word used - I used sort rather than sought in the piece about WWE.

If you want to follow my ramblings, you can at the Boy from Margaret River Blog where you can learn, unlearn and relearn.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Do what you think is right!

Last week,I had an issue with the bank... you know "we love you as a customeer but wait for 45 minutes on the phone - I might have waited longer but I gave up!

When I got to my coffee and paper shop [7/11 Morley] my credit card was back where I was talking to the bank [I didn't have it!] and the phone app doesn't work - who knows why, so coffee in hand the lady who servers me said she would put the money in. Disaster averted.

Today I was half way there but I didn't have money [you know the real stuff] to give here back the "loan". I though about putting it off another day but finally went to a ATM and withdrew cash - much more than I owed the lady but banks only deal in $20 or $50 notes...

when I paid I used the note and the lady said she didn't remember the amount... I suggest something and she agreed - I felt much better! 

The moral: Do what you think is right!

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Be yourself!

 I have a couple of examples where I should have but didn't:

I did the tax for someone very close and a difficult question came up. I asked advice from an accountant friend " Who said - Let sleeping dogs lie." when it cam time to take that advice I squashed the little voice and let the Person lodge a return."

Then all hell broke out... A Bill for nearly $50k came instead of a refund for $2k... whose fault do you think it was?? Well I am still wearing the heat from that - and until yesterday was saying it was someone elses fault but it really was mine.

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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Self Image?

Sometime ago someone close said " you are just an Old, fat, angry" man.

Now I am a little less heavy after losing 20kilos, still od but I am working on the angry bit.

The problem with woreking on angry is that it requires lots of personal intervenions... Like going off grid at times. in the last 48 hours I have had to rethink how I react to a situation because my anger got the better of me. But I am learning to be less angry because it is hard to come back from saying stuff that you can't retract!

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Change happens - covid -19 is an example!

There’s no point in trying to escape change.

Change is difficult and uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It can be forced upon us by unexpected circumstances: an accident, a job loss, an illness or malfunction in a machine we rely on.

If your partner suddenly breaks a leg and you need to abandon your usual activities to take care of them, show them what an adaptable, tolerant and responsible person you are — and change accordingly.

The odd thing is, the older we get, the more we grumble about change, yet so many of us have already faced the greatest change of all: going from independence to dependence, with little or no preparation at all. I suppose it’s because it’s something we don’t want to think about too much, as we’re secretly confident we’ll cope when we have to.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Can anybody do NFT's

Can you make an NFT? Well, one would assume so given that when Trevor Andrew as Gucci Ghost (pictured below), and he managed to sell it for $3,600. 

So, technically, anyone can create a piece of art, turn it into an NFT on the blockchain (a process called 'minting') and put it up for sale on a marketplace of choice.

You can even attach a commission to the file, by way of a "smart Contract, which will pay you every time someone buys the piece through a resale.

Much like when buying NFTs, you need to have a wallet set up, and it needs to be stuffed full of cryptocurrency. It's this requirement for money upfront that causes the complications.

The hidden fees can be prohibitively astronomical, with sites charging a 'gas' fee for every sale (the price for the energy it takes to complete the transaction), alongside a fee for selling and buying.

You also need to take into account conversion fees and fluctuations in price depending on the time of day. All this means that the fees can often add up to a lot more than the price you get for selling the NFT.  

Whether or not NFTs are here to stay, for the moment they are making some people money and they're creating new possibilities for digital art. I would, however, advise caution and careful consideration of which platforms to use. 

If you want to get creating, make sure you've got one of the newest and most powerful computers or tablets!

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