Saturday, June 16, 2007 is about more use and less waste

Helping the planet, giving to your favourite charity and exchanging those read books, listened to CD’s, watched DVD’s and played games all at the one place?? Sounds fanciful doesn’t it but that’s what is happening at the latest buzz site for those in the known.

One of the new breed of Web2.0 Membership interactive websites, SwitchPlanet allows members to do all of the above and membership is FREE, which can’t be all bad, can it?

Using the age old system of barter, members of SwitchPlanet trade their previously loved items such as books, cds, DVDs and computer games for Switchbuc the internal currency of this clever website. As you trade your no longer required treasures, you accumulate Switchbucs which allow you a acquire items from other members who have placed their goods on the SwitchPlanet website.

Why is this great service free to members?? Well the people behind this great idea are ding their bit to save the planet by encouraging members to reuse what ever we have o get what we want and hopefully reduce the pressure on the planet by, as the site says; “use more… waste less.”

And to add icing to the cake, using the Switchbuc currency, SwitchPlanet have created their SwitchFund which allows members to convert used used items into a currency that can be donated to charity and non-profits and converted to resources that can you used for the betterment of our fellow travellers on the planet.

Sounds great doesn’t it and it is well worth a visit to see why there is so much positive buzz about

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