Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Google Plus Tactics 13 DO NOT DO Tips

With Google+ being a new social network, those who are on there are all competing for attention, and so we have got to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make our profiles look attractive so that as many people as possible get to view our content which we spend a lot of time and energy curating.

Doing some research for my new Book Google Plus Your Business [launch date May 2012], I came across a Robert Scoble post that listed of “13 Ways To Not Get Followed on Google+“. Having read through the list I am convinced that he is talking sense and was actually spot on in what he was saying.

In brief, here is his list:

1. Don’t be clear on your bio what drives you.

2. You don’t have good public posts that match your bio.

3. No video.

3B. No photos.

4. Not enough posts.

5. Too many posts!

6. You post more kid or pet photos than anything else.

7. You can’t write.

8. Post a lameass image of yourself, or, worse, don’t post an image at all.

9. Don’t tell us where you work, or what you do.

10. Only repost other people’s stuff.

11. Be a racist or, um, post some hot Victoria Secrets’ models.

12. Don’t be interesting.

13. You aren’t following interesting or active people.

I hope this challenges you to think about how Google + is different to other social media platforms.