Tuesday, June 05, 2007

eMoneyCentral - High rate savings and CD accounts

With so much being written about savings and good interest rates I decided it was time to review my personal situation.

During an extensive web search yesterday I came across this very interesting website eMoney Central.com. My research shows that eMoney Central is a safe and secure home for your high interest rate savings.

So I recommend that you should go to eMoney Central if you are looking for a high rate savings and CD accounts.

The advantage of a bank savings account is that your money earns reasonable interest during the time it is deposited with the bank. A strong reason why banks are so popular is that the guaranteed monetary return is usually support by Government regulation. The downside of a bank savings account is that the interest rate isn't very high.

It appears that eMoney Central helps you gain the highest possible savings rate without increasing your risk too much.

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