Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On-line backup

Ever lost files on your computer? When it happens it is PANIC!

Yesterday my friend called me to help him locate some deleted files one his PC. As we went through the process of locating these possibly permanently lost files, we had a brief discussion about backup options. If he had backed up his files it would prevent this happening in the future.

I told him that I had heard of a service called IDrive-E.

IDrive-E is a simple, reliable and a completely hands-free online backupapplication. You just need to have a one-time installation, configure the application for remote backups and you can even schedule backups. You set it once and let it handle the rest for you.

The IDrive-E offers 2GB of free online backup space without any multiple backup or restore restrictions. There are no bandwidth limits and all file types are supported.

My friend was impressed - how does this sound to you? For more information just visit here.

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