Monday, November 12, 2012

7 Lessons of theYakuza [Japanese Mafia]

The seven lessons are:
  1. Know the difference between hearing and listening, and learn to listen to people
  2. Repay the kindness bestowed upon you, keep your code, all is good
  3. There are no small promises. A man’s promise should weigh more than his life
  4. It’s okay to be betrayed, just don’t be the betrayer. Betray others and you betray yourself. You won’t be able to trust anyone
  5. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. You can tell more about a man by his enemies than you can by his friends. A man with no enemies is worthless
  6. In life we only encounter the injustices we are meant to correct
  7. If you want to live well you have to die once

Saturday, October 27, 2012

17 Funny Things To Do On The First Day Of Schoo

Found these ideas at Schools Survivla Forum

  1. Accidentally drop your pen and then scream "AAHAHAHAHHA BOB SAGET!!!"
  2. Ask your teacher to marry you.
  3. Get a tissue, then just sit there and stare at it. If someone asks what you're doing, say you're having a staring contest with the tissue, and you're winning.
  4. Bring a bottle of water and drink out of it all day. Cry if it gets confiscated.
  5. Raise your hand and wave it around like you just don't care... then when the teacher calls on you, ask them why.
  6. If the teacher says anything you disagree with, yell "INFIDEL!" and cry uncontrollably for the rest of the class.
  7. Get up at a random time, run a lap around the whole class, then sit back down like nothing happened.
  8. Get everyone to write Harry Potter character names instead of their own real names when filling in worksheets or whatever.
  9. Read a book in class, and when the teacher's talking, tell them they're interrupting your reading.
  10. Same as above, but make sure it's a very educational-looking book. Then tell the teacher they're interrupting your education.
  11. When the teacher arrives in class, tell them they're late and they should go to the principal's office.
  12. Lick your text book in class and if the teacher asks what you're doing, say "What? Would you prefer it if I lick YOUR text book?
  13. Start a sing-a-long and get the whole class to join in.
  14. Sit right at the back of the room, and jump up at a random time and scream while running out of class. When the teacher asks what's going on, say "Something touched my leg!"
  15. If the teacher tells you to stop talking, say "Sure thing, as soon as I'm done talking."
  16. Drop your pen on purpose, and ask someone to pick it up. When someone does, yell at them and say "That's MY pen! Give it back!"
  17. Tell the teacher there's a bug on their desk and that it's about to crawl on them (even if there isn't one). Insist that it's really there and that they must have bad eyesight if they can't see it.
  18. Carefully place the pencil sharpener (or any other object) in a certain spot, then randomly get up and scream and go over to it, as if someone had moved it. Carefully fix it, then go back to your desk.
  19. When the teacher asks "Are there any questions?" ask the teacher "Do you hate me?"
Long time since I WENT to school

Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Amazing Modern Day Business Sages

Often a few well chosen words will make all the difference between being successful in a chosen endeavour, or missing it!!

I have grabbed a couple of appropriate quotes from 5 of my favourite modern business sages.

Richard Branson 

My mother was determined to make us independent. When I was four years old, she stopped the car a few miles from our house and made me find my own way home across the fields. I got hopelessly lost

Malcolm Gladwell

“I want to convince you that these kinds of personal explanations of success don't work. People don't rise from nothing....It is only by asking where they are from that we can unravel the logic behind who succeeds and who doesn't.” 

Michael Masterson

There are basically two ways to get the people who work for you to do what you want. You can bully them into it. Or you can lead them. The bully’s method is initially effective, because it takes advantage of his superior power. But everything changes with time — including the balance of power within a company. So, ultimately, it fails.

Timothy Ferriss

“It’s lonely at the top. 99% of the world is convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre middle-ground. The level of competition is thus fiercest for “realistic” goals, paradoxically making them the most time- and energy-consuming.

Tom Peters

“Leaders trust their guts. "Intuition" is one of those good words that has gotten a bad rap. For some reason, intuition has become a "soft" notion. Garbage! Intuition is the new physics. It's an Einsteinian, seven-sense, practical way to make tough decisions. Bottom line, circa 2001 to 2010: The crazier the times are, the more important it is for leaders to develop and to trust their intuition.”

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Be a leader, not a boss.

Be a leader, not a boss.

Branson sees the classic image of “the boss” as an anachronism.
Being bossy is not a desirable trait in a manager, he says. A boss
orders while a leader organizes.

"Perhaps, therefore, it is odd that if there is any one phrase that is
guaranteed to set me off it's when someone says to me, 'Okay, fine.
You're the boss!'" says Branson. "What irks me is that in 90 percent
of such instances what that person is really saying is 'Okay, then,
I don't agree with you but I'll roll over and do it because you're telling me to.

But if it doesn't work out I'll be the first to remind everyone that it wasn't
my idea.'"

A good corporate leader is someone who doesn't just execute his or
her own ideas, but also inspires others to come forth with their own.

Source: "Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School."

Read more:

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Twitter Facts by @LilachBullock

50 Twitter facts that’ll fascinate small businesses

Most people who read my blog and know me will know how much I love Twitter.  I find it fascinating how Twitter has grown, it really has had an exponential growth in terms of membership, usage and popularity so today I thought I would share with you 50 fascinating facts about Twitter:
  1. 5 years ago Twitter was just an idea with only 3 people working on it.
  2. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched on the 15th July 2006.
  3. Twitter’s origins lie in a “day long brainstorming session” that was held by board members of the podcasting company Odeo. While sitting in a park and eating Mexican food, Dorsey introduced the idea of Twitter.
  4. The first Twitter prototype was an internal service for Odeo employees.
  5. The original project code name for the service was ‘twttr‘. It was inspired by the name of the site ‘Flickr’ and SMS short codes.
  6. The name was finalised as Twitter (as we know), meaning ‘chirps from birds’ and more relevantly ‘a short burst of inconsequential information’.
  7. The 2007 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival was a pivotal point in Twitters popularity. During the event, Twitter usage increased from 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000.
  8. Twitter had 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007.
  9. In 2008 there were only 3 million registered users and only 1.25 million tweets per day.
  10. In 2009 Twitter had 8 million registered users.
  11. From 8 employees in 2008 to over 400 employees in 2011.
  12. Top 3 countries: US (107.7 million), Japan (29.9 million) and Brazil (33.3 million).
  13. It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to tweet to the billionth Tweet.
  14. Today it only takes one week for users to send a billion Tweets.
  15. In March 2010 the average number of tweets people sent per week was 350 million. In February 2011 the average number of tweets people sent per day was 140 million.
  16. The most popular Twitter user by number of followers is Lady Gaga. She has more than 18 million followers. She gains followers faster than Twitter adds new accounts.
  17. When Michael Jackson died (June 25 2009) there were 456 tweets per second (a record-breaker for its time).
  18. The current tweets per second record is 6,939 tweets per second. This was set 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day.
  19. On March 12, 2011, 572,000 new accounts were created on that one day.
  20. The average number of new accounts per day created in February 2011 was 460,000.
  21. The number of mobile users have increased by 182% over the past year.
  22. There are an estimated 225 million users in March 2011.
  23. In 2010, 25 billion tweets sent and 100 million new accounts were added on Twitter.
  24. The first unassisted off-Earth Twitter message was posted from the International Space Station by NASA astronaut T. J. Creamer on 22nd January 2010.
  25. 92% Reweet due to interesting content.
  26. 64% access through 10% through Twitter client. 16% through mobile application.
  27. 69% decide who to follow through suggestions from their friends.
  28. The most Tweeted sports moment (and superbowl moment) of all time… @TimTebow game winning Touchdown pass to beat Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs.
  29. Twitter is ranked as one of the ten most visited websites.
  30. Tweets are mostly conversational (38%) and pointless babble (40%).
  31. Demographics of Twitter users: 54% female. 53% no kids. Users range from incomes of £0-30k (17%) to over £100k (30%).  41.5% are aged 18-39.
  32. Twitter is approaching 500 Million Users – Estimated to reach this in 8 days, 7 hours.
  33. Currently, Twitter is growing at over 1.123 million accounts per day, which amounts to more than 13 new accounts per second.
  34. In the 5 years since launching it has attracted significant investment funds with an estimated total capital raising of over $1.3 billion. The most significant investment was Digital Sky Technology in August, 2010, which was at over $800 million.
  35. In June 2011, it was announced that Twitter would be embedded in the new Apple mobile operating system. After the launch of the new Apple mobile iOS5 operating system, Twitter registered sign ups had increased by 300% per day.
  36. 60% of new users are coming from outside the U.S.
  37. 10 tweets per second mention Starbucks.
  38. IBM can predict wait times at airports by crowdsourcing information from tweets. They search tweets for mentions of airports, then send an @reply to the tweeters and ask them to reply with wait times.
  39. Scientists can tell with great accuracy where you are from just by the words you use in your tweets.
  40. People are more inclined to Tweet something negative than positive. 80% of customer service tweets are negative.
  41. Every public tweet since Twitter’s inception in March 2006 will be archived digitally at the Library of Congress. IBM plans to map every archived tweet to Wikipedia, and tag it with sentiment, to make them more digestible.
  42. Twitter has been valued at $8 billion.
  43. 85% of recruiters use Twitter for recruitment.
  44. 81% of users follow less than 100 people.
  45. 61% of all tweets are in English.
  46. 5% of users create 75% of the content
  47. 75% of traffic comes from outside of the Twitter interface.
  48. 66% of questions asked have some commercial intent.
  49. Lilach Bullock started using Twitter in 2008 and currently have 58,572 followers
  50. Lilach Bullock  have spent a record 4 hours on Twitter in one day…

Social Media Aussie Style 2012

1. Facebook – 11,500,000 Australian users/accounts (up slighly – as reported by Facebook Australia Cheif, Liam Walsh) – 13 million UAVs according to Google Adplanner (users logging in from multiple locations – home, work, school etc).
2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
3. Blogspot – 4,000,000 (down 10,000)
4. LinkedIn – 2,200,000 (steady)
5. Twitter – 2,114,000 (new formulae, see calculation below)
6. – 1,600,000 (steady)
7. Instagram – 1,283,500 using Facebook estimate, see calculation below (475,000 UAVs)
8. Tumblr – 1,200,000 (steady)
9. TripAdvisor – 960,000 (down 100,000)
10. Flickr – 820,000 (steady)
11. Pinterest – 620,000 (steady)
12. Google Plus – approx 600,000 (see calculation below).
13. MySpace – 390,000 (steady)
14. Reddit – 150,000 (steady)
15. StumbleUpon – 110,000 (down 20,000)
16. Digg – 77,000 (steady)
17. Foursquare – 63,000 (steady)
18. Delicious – 30,000 (down 3,000)

Great stats from

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mind42 is Step 23 of Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Putting it All Together with the power mind map tool

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

We're up to Step 23, which I've called Putting it All Together.

We've discussed a large number of things over the last few days, if you've taken a few days to watch this or read it, which will allow you to really make sense of social media, and I believe to conquer it for your personal advantage or the advantage of your business. How do we keep track of this?

We use a web application called, so that's Mind Maps for [4] more than [2] two people or for two people or more. We create those and it allows us to log on in the morning, have a look at our Mind Map which I've got mine here, and then we just follow through in the 23 Steps.

So the 23 steps while you're looking at this, I'll go with Step 1 is TweetDeck. Step 2 is SocialOomph, and you get an idea from that is that if you follow them in that steady order, before too long your social media will start to have dramatic effect. The effects will show up in you listing high in search engines.

It will show up in the number of positive comments made to your Facebook page or to your Twitter account or to your LinkedIn. It will show up, and more importantly for businesses, in more business. It might be more people turning up to your restaurant. It might be more people recommending you to other people, and it will certainly mean more money in your bank account.

We use Mind42 putting it all together to record all that information, and it's really a powerful tool because it's across the net and because you can share it. You can allocate or in the modern words, you can outsource parts of your social media programs to other people and they can update on an ongoing basis what's happening.

That's my recommendation when you want to tie it all together, to use Mind42 and it does a fantastic job.

Now, if you've been with me through all of the 23 steps and if you follow them a little bit at a time, before too long you have learned how to conquer Social Media 2012 in 23 steps.

This is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for looking in and all the best for your social media applications.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Share here and there is Step 22 to Conquer Social Media 2012

Share and share alike adds up to the power of Social Media domination!!

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. This step is called Step 22, and it's all about cross promoting across your social media empire.

One of the things that I'm often asked is where do you get the time to do posts in Twitter, updates in Facebook, videos in YouTube, etc., etc., etc.,etc.,. Well, as luck would have it, there are a number of very smart people around the world that are doing applications to allow that to happen for you.

The first one that I use is going to be changed in a little while. It's recently being purchased by one of the people that got a heap of money, so I'm not sure when you look at this video if it will still be called this but if you search for replacement, too, I'm sure you'll find it. That application is called

And what I've been able to do
there is feed in all the places that I'd like a particular update to go to. I've got my LinkedIn, my Facebook, my Facebook pages, my Twitter account and a couple of other ones where I can update all at the same time. It's really fantastic.

Another one that has been around a long time, has made an update recently because it was pushed for some time in the past by Facebook. It's called FriendFeed. And what FriendFeed allows you to do is plug in all of your social media outlets, which may be as many as 50 or 60 or 70 or 100. I understand there are 1,000 applications with a million users. That's an incredible thing. But Friend Feed will take, say, your Twitter update and put it across all of the applications that you've linked in.

The next one I wanted to talk to you about is relatively new. It's called Buffer is really, really good because it allows you schedule your updates across a number of applications. So mine, I've got the first level of the Pro. It allows me to schedule for up to 60 days across, I think it's ten applications. I've got six or seven in there now, and so what happens is that it puts in, you might even do ten updates, and I've spread them across three days. But, it also will spread them in slightly different formats across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your Facebook pages, et cetera. It is a fantastic application to take a special message that has general appeal and spread it across your social media exposure.

The last one in this section that I want to share with you is called Share, and this is an application or an extension, they call it, for the Chrome browser. You would go to the Chrome extension store, which you get to from opening Chrome, the browser, and go to the store and you add Share. What Share does is that when you do a post or when you Like an article, you can click the Share button and it will say, "Where do you want to post this?" And it adds a number of social media applications that you might be part of.

Ones we haven't talked about much in this series so far, things like Pinterest and Tumbler and Stumbler. These are just amazing sites. We could really have 110 steps to conquer social media but 23 will get you there, more than 99% of all the people. So, I highly recommend that you look at Share, which is an extension to Chrome.

These are things that I've talked about here which allow you to cross-post. Just in summary, they are, FriendFeed, the Share that comes with the Chrome extension, and Buffer, which is the one that allows you to post across as many applications you like but it's advantage of the other ones is that you can schedule the posts, two a day, ten a day or 20 a day, whatever you want to do.

This is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for
dropping in to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. Until next time, I look forward to seeing you again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twitaholic an addiction that is Step 21 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

Twitterholic shows your standing in your area of influence....

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. In this session, we're going to talk about Twitaholic, which is an application that allows you to track yourself in your community either by subject or by demographic area.

It's Step 21 of the 23 Steps to
Conquer Social Media. 

What Twitaholic allows you after you register on
their site; you put in the demographic area that you want your numbers to come, and it will show you where you rank in the top thousand people within that demographic area. Why is that important? If you are a local business, or a national business, it's not much point you having this huge Twitter following, and it being from all over the world, and not focused on where you want it to be focused.

The idea of Twitterholic is that you can check on a regular basis. It updates every day of how many followers you have. Let me give you an example. Most people talk about Twitter in terms of the celebrity followings.

Like Lady Gaga has 15 million followers, or Madonna has 12
million followers, et cetera. For a small business in a very local area, so a business in my city of Perth, it might be OK to have 10,000 followers. When you do the ranking in Perth, you'll find with 10,000 followers, you'll be in the top 100 people on Twitter. I'm based in Perth, and my 100,000 plus puts me in the top two or three. On a world scale, obviously, I'm nowhere near that because of the celebrity tweeters, and all those sorts of things.

It also allows you, if you're building your Twitter following, to go and check your geographical area. One of the really neat things about Twitter is that you can follow people who are following other people in your geographical area. Here's an example for you. We work with a number of companies in the Arab state of Qatar. What we've done there is that we've pushed our clients into the top 50 and into the top 10, and one of our clients is top 6. The number of followers that client has is in the low 20,000s, and on a world scale that wouldn't write at all.

Being able to use Twitaholic, we can show them, look here you are. They're only a couple of people in front of you. Al Jazeera, the news channel, has 500,000 followings. And then, the number one Arabic lady singer, she's got 200,000, whereas Qatar Air that has 30,000, and then there's these guys.

They're in the top five, and we're able to show that
our work is effective. More importantly, when we want to build their local following, we go for other people that are listed on Twitaholic as being in that geographical area. Twitaholic, even though I've left it to Step 21, is really important if you're going to build your social media presence.

This is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for dropping in. Until
next time, thank you.

Blogger is my PREFERRED blog as step 20 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

One of the old faithfuls of social media is the blog...check out

Welcome back. This is Wayne Mansfield, talking about my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

One of the old faithfuls of social media is the blog,
and we have a number of these, but the one I'm going to talk about today is the one,, or another address you can get to it is So, that will tell you that we use Blogger as our preferred platform for doing this step of social media, which we call Step 20.

Now, social media relies on a number of things.

We say that Twitter creates the noise, so you need to have lots of followers. In my case, I have more than 100,000 followers.

Facebook is a bit of a conversation. I have about 4,000 friends and a number of Facebook pages, so that we can have conversations with people with that.

We've talked about YouTube, which is the preference of people under the age of 40, how to get their information, so we have a YouTube Channel. But, all those things in the end, there are still lots and lots of people who like to read and absorb the information that we're sharing.

So, on that, we have, which is a blog, as I said, written on Blogger. The only reason I do that and not WordPress, most people say why don't you use WordPress, I was an early adopter here, and I know the Blogger platform backwards and for us to change over would be a little bit of a problem. And another reason is that Google is a commercial operation, so they host, they allow you to have the ads on your site, and they do lots of things, and I know not to believe this to be true but I do anyway. I think by being on Blogger, you get indexed on the search engines quicker.

Step 20 of the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media is to have an effective, a current, an often updated blog that you promote across all the other channels of social media.

I've just finished doing the post to my blog for Step 2 of Social Media 2012. I put that on Blogger and then I tweeted it, I put it on Facebook, I added it to Google Plus, I put it across to Triberr, and by tomorrow this time, this is being recorded midday today, by tomorrow this time, we will have had 1,000 new visitors to our blogs who will see our information, who will give us the opportunity of making some revenue, because our blog optimizes for ad words and affiliate marketing. So, it's a fantastic thing.

Once again, Step 20 of my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media is get yourself a blog. I recommend Blogger, but there is no reason why, if you are using WordPress, you shouldn't use that.

Until next time that we have a chat, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for dropping by.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tweepi... this unusal tool is Step 19 to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Tweepi is a tool to help you mold your twitter family!!

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back with my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

One of the areas that causes people a number of problems is
that they like to follow lots of people, and all the recommendation is that if somebody hasn't followed you back in the last, say, 28 days, the chances of them following you back ever in the future are pretty slim.

Twitter have a number of rules that are designed to stop people spamming that say at a certain figure you can't follow any more. The first figure that catches most people out is you can't follow more than 2,000 people unless you've got 2,000 people following you.

If you were to look at the
people that you follow, you would find maybe, half or 60% are not following you back and therefore you're stuck on this 2,000 figure. As you get more followers with twitter more, the figure is 10% more of the number you have is what you can follow. If you've 10,000 followers, you can follow 11,000. But lots of people drop out, take you off their list, et cetera.

There is a program that we use that allows you to look at this really well, and it's called There is a free version and a paid version, and a young guy in Jordan of all places, writes it and maintains it.

So, I recommend that you investigate Tweepi.

It allows you to follow up
to 40 people at a time or unfollow 40 people at a time for the free version and it has various paid versions. One of the very few programs that I'm happy to pay the $14 a month to use because in the paid version, it will tell you how many times you've followed somebody when you followed them back, so you get around or not necessarily get around but you don't fall foul of the rules that Twitter quite rightly have which are called churn where people follow then unfollow, follow then unfollow, hoping to trick people into following them back so the counts go up.

It has some other really interesting things that you can use. It allows you to use search by # [hashtag]. Now we have a number of clients in the Middle East, in the city states of Qatar, actually which is a state rather than a city state but Dubai or Abu Dhabi all that, and what we are able to do is put the hashtag for those cities or states in, and it will tell you people who are using those hashtags. 

Just today, I heard on our local radio here in Perth, there's a telephone, and one of the local banks are saying if you mention them and put in a hashtag Channel 7 telephone, they will donate money to charity. Tweepi allows you search on those tags and find people who are mentioning it. It also allows you to search geographically for people to follow within Twitter.

I highly recommend it. I've been using it for couple of years. As I said, this is one of the very few, I'm happy to pay the extra money. It allows me to follow up to 200 at a time or to unfollow a similar amount, and I seem to be able to not offend anybody by inadvertently churning them.

is Step number 19 of my 23 Steps for Conquering Social Media 2012.

This is
Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for looking in, look forward to meeting you again.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

FollowFridayHelper getting more #FF is Step 18 to Conquer SocialMedia2012

The #FF of Friday is Easier with

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

One of the great things on Twitter is this phenomena that's
called FollowFriday where you recommend to other people on Twitter somebody who's worthwhile to follow back. And there's an application called FollowFridayHelper.

That's a mouthful, isn't it?
where it records the number of people who have mentioned you, followed you, retweeted you so that you can go and have a look at the people that you should be thanking by giving them a FollowFriday, which is recorded as #FF.

What that does on a Friday, if you're looking to build your area of
influence and a great deal of followers, you can go and search on the #FF, and it will come up with great people who you should follow.

But for you who are busy keeping your Twitter account active, once a week you can go and check in at FollowFridayHelper, and it will tell you the people who have mentioned you the most, retweeted you the most and basically followed. You can use this application to create a little list of people who you can show a little bit of Twitter love to and send out a FollowFriday mention for them. I highly recommend it.

It's a free
application and it works spectacularly well.

That's Step 18 of my 23 Steps
to Conquer Social Media 2012

This is Wayne Mansfield saying, until we meet again, thanks for looking in.

Thursday, August 09, 2012 Curating for Influence in Step 17 to conquer Social Media 2012 allows you to be a curator in your favourite subject and influence the web...

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

One of the great things about the Internet now, it allows you
to be a curator. That is, you collect all interesting information on a particular subject that you want authority on, and put it in one place. One of the really great applications that allows you to do that is one called, which is S-C-O-O-P. -.I.T.

Basically, is a function which is if you're interested in a particular subject, they provide a steady flow of information regarding that subject. You select which ones you want to publish, and they publish it under your channel. So, the two subjects that I have chosen are Margaret River, my place of birth, and I sort of carry a little flag for Margaret River wherever I go in the world. The wine is fantastic, the cheese is unbelievable, the dairy products just fantastic. They have world surfing championships at the point, where I, as a kid, learned how to surf.

I have this fond place in my heart for Margaret River, so I publish one or
two articles a week about Margaret River.

And then, the other one that I have curate for me is People with Klout, K-L-O-U-T, and it finds articles for me that I put out on a regular basis about Klout. What this does is feed back to my other outlets on the net, and it gives me more authority in those two areas. So, I recommend that you have a look at Klout.

I think you can have up to five subjects
before you go into their paid model, but it works fantastically well.

That's Step 17 of my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

Until next
time, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thank you for looking in.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Circlecount measuing your G+ power Step 16 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

CircleCount - shows how many G+ 's you have scored!!

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to the 23 Steps to Conquer Social
Media 2012.

Today, I'm going to talk about a brand new application I've
found. Most of you won't have heard of this, but Google Plus is the new big daddy of the social media platforms. One of the things that I've had problems with is working out who I'm following, who's following me back, who's got me in circles, and all those funny types of things that somebody obsessed with numbers, like I am, want to know.

There's this great new application, I think it's out of Germany, and it's called That, again, is What it allows you to do is to feed in your Google Plus account, and it tells you how many people have you circled and how many people you have circled, those who are common, which is this term mutual, and those that you have that don't circle you back and vice versa. I found it really interesting because I want to improve my authority within Google Plus. To do that, you need more people who have circled you than you have circled them back. It's one of those things that when people are measuring influence, if you're a follower, you don't have much influence, so you want to be the followed.

Have a check in at, plug in your Google Plus account, and it will sort all those numbers out for you. It has a great little application that you can unfollow those people that haven't circled you back and tidy up those numbers.

So that's Step 16 of How to Conquer Social
Media 2012.

Until next time, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for
looking in.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

KRED... real world influence Step 15 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

Got KRED show the world and profit!!

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

Just a short step today. We're going to
talk about an application called Kred, K-R-E-D. Like a couple of others that I've spoken about, this is about a way to increase your authority in the social media spectrum.

Run by a friend of mine, based in Sydney, Jodee
Rich, who also has PeopleBrowser, it differs from most of the other authority sites and it includes your off-web authority as well as your on-web authority. So, for you to get the benefit for this, and I understand just in the last couple of days they've launched some perks that go along with having a high credibility on the web, go to Kred,, and register.

It will give you a rating and a score on and off the web of how
credible you are in your subject area, and work away at it. The higher that you score, the more authority you will have to build your business on the web.

Thanks for dropping in. That's Kred. Look forward to the next step we share, the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. This is Wayne Mansfield saying, see you next time.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Triberr building blog audiences Step 14 to conquer SocialMedia2012

Tribes unite... is a bloggers best friend!!

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. This step is step 14, and I'm going to talk about an application that not many people know about. It's called Triberr.

That is the word tribe with two R's. It's a Web 2.0 name. Tribe
had obviously been taken before. The basic concept is to help people who write blogs get more readers. In my case, I'm a member of three tribes and in those tribes, there is maybe, 20 or 30 people a tribe, so 60 or 70 people who, as a mutual agreement, say that when any one of us writes a blog post, we will tell our social media following, our Twitter or our Facebook, that there's a new article being written. The last time I checked, that means that when I write an article on my blog, it automatically goes to Triberr and up to eight million tweets go out that say that Wayne's written a new article.

This is really powerful because by writing an article with a great headline, subject line, that's the sort of thing that gets people to have a look. It's called SEO Bait. It's a horrible name, but it's a bit like a newspaper. How do you decide what story to read in the newspaper? You pick it by the headlines. If you write clever headlines, it's automatically taken by an RSS feed from your blog to Triberr. It tells all the people in your tribes that there's a new article and feeds it automatically every couple of hours into Twitter feeds across the whole social media network.

Now, in the past, I would write an article. I'd spend lots of time getting
it right and making sure it was interesting and would be lucky to get 100 or 200 people to come and have a look. Since I've been involved with Triberr, it is not unusual to have two-and-a-half to three thousand people dropping in and read what I've got to say about a particular subject.

Whilst the spread is in the millions, you get a pretty large significant number of people to come and visit. What would you do if you had another 1,000 to 2,000 people come to your blog? Now, in my case, it would take me a certain amount of time to earn, say, $1000 in revenue from the ads. Since I've joined Twitter, that period of time has been chopped by two-thirds. If it was taking me a hundred days to make $1000, it is now only taking me 25 days to make that same thousand because of the extra traffic. That's the benefit of Triberr.

If you're not a member of Triberr and you want to be, drop me an email and I'll work out if you fit to one of the tribes I'm in or some of the people that are in my tribe, but in other ones that fit your subject matter better. I'll see what I can do about getting you in to the tribe. That tip, that step is really important for the social media, but more importantly, it will help you increase the revenue from your social media exposure.

Until next time, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for dropping in.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

FourSqaure is LIVE marketing Step 13 to Conquer Social Media 2012

FourSquare is live "here I am" marketing and Step 13 of How To Conquer Social Media 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer
Social Media 2012.

Today, we are going to talk about an application that is
growing in popularity and is really tremendous for businesses who want to capitalize on local business. It's called Foursquare, and basically what Foursquare does is it allows people to record that they've been to your business, what they felt about it, do a review and then post it across the social media. The default posts to Twitter or Facebook, and then most people have those hooked up so it will go to nearly everywhere that they have a profile on social media.

Now, for example, every morning when I go off to have a coffee at Kosta's in Northbridge, which is the entertainment suburb of Perth, Western Australia, I'll take a photo of the coffee and the newspaper, so we've got a headline of what's happening in Perth today, and I'll post that to Foursquare.

And then, that Foursquare will write that for me, and I've
noticed now as I go around, once I posted that, people who are on the ball will have entered tips, saying “ If you're at Kosta's, maybe you should come over to the Mustang Bar, or if you're at Costa's maybe, you should come over to the Brass Monkey.”

When I do Foursquare at the Coventry Markets
which is close to my home, there's somebody who's got an axe to grind about BankWest, it will say: “You're close to BankWest, join the protest about BankWest.

It can be used positively and negatively to get your message across. As part of the social media landscape, it's very, very popular with tens of millions of people using it, and you should use it yourself to spread your influence.

As a business, you should look at putting tips so that when
people in your area are logging on somebody else's business, it shows up that here's a choice, here's a list, here's the go.

A good mate of mine,
Peter Taliangis, who is a real estate agent in Perth, on his lunch time, he will have lunch at a particular place and put 10 tips in, so he's very, very popular across this medium of Foursquare.

This is Wayne Mansfield
saying, to complete all of these steps, it is a certain way to end up dominating social media. So, until next time, thanks for looking in.

Monday, July 30, 2012

YouTube Videos ROCK! Step 12 to Conquer Social Media 2012

YouTube messages are for everyone under 40 who prefer VIDEOS!!

Hi, it's Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

Today, we're going to talk about YouTube, which is the video sharing site where they say a billion downloads a day occur. It's just an amazing statistic. One of the really interesting things though with social media is that anybody under the age of 40 prefers to get their information in video, either by games or by television or by short videos or by movies or by DVD. If you're going to be effective in social media, you have to use this channel.

YouTube allows you to have a personal channel where you can control what information you put on there. If you have enough, they allow you to share in the revenue from that. We share in it, but I'm not sure how big the share is, but it really is one of those areas where if you hit the jackpot and you get one of your videos to go viral, it's possible that you could make significant income.

The important thing with YouTube is that it's part
of the Google monster. It also is highly rated within their search engine rankings, and video always outperforms normal articles if you're looking on a search engine optimization. For example, these 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012 are going to be produced as 23 videos.

Now, by doing
that, we get 23 chances of grabbing your attention.

Now, one of the areas that you should seriously consider is to use a transcription service and put the details of what you say and the areas that you highlight in the description of the video. That gives you extra juice, as they say, for search engine optimization. The recommendation is seriously consider YouTube channel for your social media.

Use videos or use
PowerPoint made into a video. Use your smartphone, maybe, your iPhone or your Android phone and make one, two, three-minute videos, and then the final step is get them transcribed so that when people are searching for you, the content gives them half a chance of finding what you're talking about.

This step, YouTube is number 12 of the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012

Looking forward to seeing you next time. This is Wayne Mansfield saying, see you later.