Friday, June 08, 2007

Adsense and Blogging

Are you a blogger? Have you heard of and/or used Adsense before?

My friend who used Adsense before told me, he doesn't really enjoy with Adsense. Because first, less and less people click on the ad for whatever the reason is, so basically he doesn't make too much money from it; second, he couldn't change how the ad looks, so some of them looks really strange when he put into his template, and he needs to do more work on the other stuff to make sure it looks all right.

One day he came across this new internet advertising provider, he thinks it's good. He said with this new one, he can set your own price for the advetise as a publisher and also he can custom ad sizes as he wish, so it will perfectly fit into his blog without changing anything else.

That's something sounds really good and interesting.

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