Saturday, April 28, 2018

Well that was that!

Wednesday March 14th 2018

Some time ago I promised myself if I thought I had lost it, the Superman ability, I would give up trying to do what I used to do.... I think that time has come.

Things that were easy have become hard, keeping my word regardless of good intention, is becoming harder, and making money the old way has stopped being effective.

Attack my family and all bets are off!

This morning I have just scrapped together the monthly payment for the email server - and have nothing left in the kitty... a situation I promised myself wouldn't happen after I turned 65 - here is is at 66 and I am cleaned out and have an issue that will be all engulfing for the next couple of weeks.

The feeling isn't any less painful than it was when I hit the brick wall 25 years ago or 15 years ago but I don't want to have this feeling again.

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