Friday, May 13, 2016

Be careful of the advice you give....

Mmmm... should I write this or not??
You know the feeling, you wan to say something that is laser targeted to someone but you don't want the negative reactions of others, so maybe if I retell an experience, the message might get through to the targeted person.
Being forgiven without change isn't any good [ that is the punch line ]

Beware... trap for young players ahead.

Some years ago, a person I was going into business with, witnessed to me how he had "seen the light" and because of it his life had been turned around. On the particular day of this witness, I listened for over an hour and was touched by what this person was telling me. How he had turned his life around, how he was so grateful for a second chance and how he would strive to be better.
12 months into our business relationship we were royally shafted by this person. Maybe it was my fault for letting down my guard [?]
I was particularly hurt by this persons actions and confronted him, mentioning that he had wanted to witness to me before we went into business together.
Anyway, I said, how did he feel about the situations. And this is what he said:
We Christians are not perfect... we are just forgiven.
so, if you are seeing this and you don't recall the circumstances where you actions were less than honourable... you might be forgiven but you will never earn the trust of most of the people you shafted. And those who are silly enough to trust you again, realise that you will feel the pain of betrayal again.