Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life after YOUR death shouldn’t be a struggle for your family

Some thirty years ago, I started my business career as “a life insurance salesman.” And whenever I see a story in the newspaper or on TV about a young family struggling on Social Security I think about why they haven’t got true security provided by having adequate life insurance.

The Insurance Industry isn’t as aggressive as it was in my time as a salesman. People are left to their own devices in regard to finding a fair priced policy from a reputable company. Often times the only extra cover they have is that sold by the bank clerk who is handling their mortgage paperwork. That person isn’t well trained in the benefits and features of what is available, and worse still, depises the job of asking about insurance – they after all are really a bank officer or loan manager.

Where does that leave our young family?? Underinsured and a disaster waiting to happen if ever the mother or father doesn’t make it home one night.

I have come across a very needed service - Affordable Life Insurance Quotes – where you can find out what is available and the best rates for cover in your particular state.

Could I recommend something to you right now… go and have a look at what Affordable Life Insurance Quotes really costs and take steps to protect your family.

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