Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spyware, go away

Are you familiar with the term 'spyware'? It seems that is has been a long time since we've heard about those crazy viruses crippling PC's or spyware taking over your machine sending thousands of emails and succumbing to hundreds of "pop ups."

Whilst we have seen anythng on TV or in the newspapers lately, the chances are that, just as regular as clockwork, around once a year or so, some viruses or spyware make the headlines by doing their nasty deeds and too late everybody freaks out.

At our office, a few years back we got complancent and all the machines became infected with all those crazy things and essentially shut down all our machines. It seemed like almost every single word on every page turned into a link to go somewhere. And the pop-up ads, like rabbitts started appearing. everywhere on the screen.

When this happens it is so annoying. First they make your machine really really slow and then the machine becomes unusable.

Spy Sweeper is works for us. The software comes highly recommend from reviews on the internet.

Like all gooed spyware protect programs, Spy Sweeper will scan your system, find the annoying little parasite, and get rid of it lickety split.

I don't know how often you check your system for spyware, but it has been said by some guru 'you need to periodically scan you stuff for spyware'

So, take this as a warning - if you didn't know, consider yourself informed.

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