Sunday, June 17, 2007

Are we there yet mum?

The lost art of coloring in has made a dramatic come back at The Doll Place where you can up load upload pen-and-ink artwork and create your own interactive online coloring game.

Designed with teenage girls in mind, The Doll Palace is an extremely attractive place for young women to go and share their ideas and artistic talent. With forums and chat rooms, members are able to share ideas and points of view about a large range of things including popular actors and television personalities.

Truly a fun place to spend a few hours, The Doll Place is a great way to enhance your drawing and coloring abilities with its Free Coloring Pages.

The process is rally realy simple. Do a ink drawing of your favourite character – either one from the hundreds mentioned or create your own, and then upload the image to The Doll Place Coloring pages that allow you to fill drawing with any color from the palaette. Just select your color, click an area on yur drawing that you would like to fill and voila, you have colored your drawing in.

Isn’t that COOL!

And when you are done, you can share the drawing with your friends. The Doll Place has a number of membership option including a very extensive FREE membership. Many teens really love the way they can create fantastic drawings and share them with the world.

So, when you have the kids in the back of the car going to the summer holiday, get them to go to The Doll Palace and start coloring in their favorite images - it will keep them amused for hours.

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