Friday, October 29, 2021

Have you everheard of Web 3?

I remember showing people how the web changed from Web1 to Web 2... and I just heard for the first time the term Web 3 which the people talking about it say that it has been enabled by the blockchain, bitcoin and FTS... examples of web 1 creating fortunes are Microsoft Web 2 spat out Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter - Where it crated wealth for people like Zuckerberg,Page, Brin, Bezos,Dorsey etc... and think of Web3 creating a whole new collection of people with wealth...

The example is a music artist that used to need a contract - Web1... then spotify conctrols music distribution Web2 and now they have NFT's for their music so tey get paid eveytime the music changes hands... think of the wealth created by the song Yesterday - how much did McCartney get in Web1 [ he was tricked into selling the copyright by a lawyer ] in web 2 spotify pays very little to the copyright holder - nothing to McCartney but in Web3 McCartney can sell a nft for his new music and each time it changes hands he can get a royalty... in which version does he get paid the most!

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Perception? What is it really?

I was thinking today about how others see things... for example, why do people blindly folllow the "rules" politicians are setting for us during the covid-19 crisis?

There is a saying - a Persons Perception is their reality! It got me wondering and then I heard this.... Paul mcCartney is the only person who has been to every Paul McCartney concert. I wonder whether the one I went to in Brisbane was the best, in the top 5, or according to McCarney one of his wrost?

My perception was that it was awesome!! I wonder still... what he thought?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Vale Russell Woolf!

One of my favourite radio announcers passed away yesterday - Russell Woolf of the ABC... I think it says vlumes that the announcement was delayed a few hours so his great mate Geoff could announce it.

Russell was fantastic - yes he was on the ABC but he was one of a kind.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

When is too old too old?

Did you know that when Australia introducedthe old age pernsionin 1909/10 65 was set as the male age but life expectance was only 58 - therefore most peole would never qualify to get a pension. Since then life expectancy had increased to over 80 but we haven't adjusted when someone is considered old.

Ageism attached old to plus 60 based on OLD information - When most people live passed 80 shouldn't we change that. As someone who is passed bing "Old" but feeling "young" I have set myelf to start a resetting of what can be expected.

My thoughts were triggered by a podcast today that spoke of a 73 year old starting a business.... I have a target of 2025 to reconstruct a life....

Will you come with me on this trip?

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Podcasts to listen to.

John Maxwell has a great saying..

Listen, Learn Lead which is the tagline for his podcast:

Here are 5 of my favourites:

        1.    The Way I heard It by Mike Rowe 

        2.    Real AF with Andy Frisella

        3,    Akimbo with Seth Godin

        4.    Big Question with Cal Fussman

        5.     The Jordan Harbinger Show

I though about including links but the easiest way is to subscribe through your Podcast Listening App of Choice - mine is PocketCast which started in Adelaie - it has been onsold twice so who knows who owns it now - I like it because you can listen at double speed without it sounding like the chipmonks.

It is a great way to learn stuff while getting exercise

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Are you focusing on the right thing?

I have been doing #75Hard for a few days, and the tthing the creator talks about, is that you learn to focus on what is important. This morning I was asked to fix an issue that in th scheme of things wasn't that important to the overall picture yet it would take time... urgent but not important... it didn'y need doing... so with the benefit of insight, it won't get done!

One of the things that #75hard requires is that I read 10 pages of a non-fiction book. Here is the problem... I can read very quick... up to 20k words a minte... a full 180 page book in less than an hour... however, I have been reading the book "Predictable Revenue" by Aaron Ross, 10 pages at a time and unsurpisingly, the ideas are coming quick and fast. So after I post this blog post, I am reading the next 10 pages [again].

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Racist Nonsense... can babies be racist?

 One of the things that people have given into is this idea that you are born with "priveldge" I don't buy it... Opptortunity is available for anyone who wants it - most people don't.

I am proof of how brought up in the same house with supposedly the same influences the results are different. I read the book "think and Grow Rich" on November 11th, 1975 - Which coincedentially is the day Gough whitlam was sacked and it changed my life by introducing me to goal setting... there is a saying that looking forward time takes forever, but when you look back it goes in a flash. Since I read that book I have travelled the world, beeen in business been fined by "those who want to stop ptogrss" etc... but I am considered to have achieved much but I wasn't born that way. It came from an idea that I acted on!

Maybe those opportunities are available to you but don't allow those who want to to label you as disadvantaged by your skin coour, ethnisity, or social upbring... Australia wants you to succeed and shove it up those who think that "the world is against you."

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Andy Swears but his heart is in the right place!

I am on a health kick - get back to the shape I was in at 18! I am also conflicted about being in Western Australia where 82% of people [according to a recnt poll] are happy to be locked up with hard broders... I am one of the 18% who are not happy with the restrictions.

So, to get a different outlook, I have been listening to the podcast of Andy Frisella and he challenges listeners to do his program #75Hard. So, I am doing that... luckily go back to zero after one day isn't an issue... I hate selfies but you have to do one each day... and I am on a eat very little diet but he says I sould be on a formal diet... the selfies is easy which I will start today but the diet is an issue but I will sort it by the end of the day... maybe 1000 calories a day regardless of what I eat might get there so I am starting day 1 again.

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Mark Cuban into NFT's

Think yoou know what NFT's are? Well Read this and tell me what it means. This article was written for the Fast Company Magazine

Just when we were getting our heads around non-fungible tokens [NFT's]—crypto tokens that represent a unique digital asset—they’re now gaining sentience and moving to the metaverse.

Definition:  sentience -is the capacity to feel, perceive or experience subjectively. Eighteenth-century philosophers used the concept to distinguish the ability to think (reason) from the ability to feel.

Definition:    metaverse. - tech companies say the metaverse is the next version of the internet · The virtual world combines work, socialising, shopping and gaming.

“It’s a way of giving not only a personality to an avatar but to apply interactivity and to make it extensible,” Cuban said in an email to Fast Company. “You can take Alethea AI and let it grow into almost anything.” One of these NFTs, called “Alice,” already sold for $478,000 on Sotheby’s Natively Digital market in June.

Starting on October 14, people can bring their NFT avatars to Alethea’s new “Noah’s Ark” site, where the “soul” can be added. Khan says that the AI intelligence layer is contained in a new NFT that then binds with the avatar’s original NFT. Or, you can build your own intelligent NFT–or iNFT–starting from a number of template.

Khan from Althea AI started a quick chat with the Hentai character Waifu 101. After he exchanged some pleasantries with the NFT he asked her “What is the meaning of life?” To this she responded in a bored teenager voice “I don’t like existentialism.” The fact that she related Khan’s question to the philosophy movement shows an impressive level of common knowledge and conversation skill.

Alethea calls Noah’s Ark a metaverse because avatars can use their new skills to interact with other iNFTs there. For example, a CyberPunk could be trained to engage in a rap battle with a Bored Ape avatar. Or they can even form teams and compete with each other in games. Khan says that as the avatars interact they create new training data that feeds the AI model that powers them all.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

NFT's are the future?

I remeber back when the internet started and I missssed the firt wave. But I caught up and became and expert with email marketing {and was "cancelled" because of it by smelly people living in dark corners using their keyborads to bring people down.} and I moved on to twitter and was considered in the Top .01% of World Users by having 50k followers when that was a lot [ now a lot is 50 million ] but a rode the twitter wave worldwide... I couldn't understand Bitcoin and sat out but NFT's is the new version of that allowing royalties to creators etc... so I have set myself the task of being a world expert on NFT's.

If you want a good explaination of what they are listen to James Altucher learn from a friend what is coming. [Link: ] Listen to episode 775 and 776 [you might need to Gooogle those episodes because they are new!]

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

At last - something to worry about other than the virus!

The main stream media has changed tack today because things on the virus front are looking up.. so we should worry about bikies.

Weestern Australia just got new laws that make it " The most inhospitsable Jurisdiction in Australia for bikies" But let's not fix the hospital system! That makes sense!!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Are we in a crisis?

I have been purposely NOT listening to any anti vax stuff because I believe you should get the vacine - but just lately I have been listening to Andy Frisella who is a business owner from St Louis, Missouri, in the USA who sells supllements etc... I recommend you listen to him - the material at the very least gives you a different perspective [ I need to discount the language and the fundamental Chrisian thoughts]

Hearing how people think about Australia [for example quarantine sites are chacerized as concentration sites for people with convide ] gets the brain cells working... can I recommend you listen - some of you will love him, some will hate him, but at least you will start thinking!

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Saturday, October 09, 2021

At last Tony Abbott speaks his mind!

Depending on your history books.. Twaiwan is an example of Chinese democracry or a failed state that mainland China wants back! My history was taugt from an anti communist standpoint so Twaiwan is tremendous..

A current visitor is ex Australian PM Tony Abbott [who made recently departed prince Philip a Knight of Australia - how stup is that as a Captains Pick?] who has been speaking his mind [ funny how not being a politician can do that ] calling mainland China a bully etc...

That was news but the story I like better, you could say it is the same thing really, was the discovery of a 36 year old Black Carnaby Cockatoo by the guy who tagged him all those years ago... no it doesn't have a name but can I suggest Tony. The article went on to champion the breeding success of the birds... a really, really good news story - the first one is problematic depending on you politics... blazen across Fox lost on ABC - is it the same story - who knows.

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Friday, October 08, 2021

Well I never!

Todays press is concerning itself with FREE tickets given to politicians at the recent AFL Grand Final. As if the general public wouldn't think it was part and parcel of how things work... if you don't like football, well the tickets are probably worthless. I think the press has a $60,000 value on them. Well, after spending $1 .3 billion to build the stadium, and letting the AFL make $40 million on profit from the ticket sales, well the pollies did this for nothing [Yeah of course] That McGowan is Labour, from NSW and has a 85% approval rating doesn't rate a mention.

Funny how life is!

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Thursday, October 07, 2021

Why do we allow Cancel Culture?

I remeber quiet distincly when the term M/s was introduced and the catch cry was "I don't mind, if it doen't affected me." Well the latest case of "cancel culture" is that Australia's richest woman, Gina Rhindhert, has had her 16 minute video commenerating St Hilda'ss 125th Anniversary censored  [shortened to just 5 minutes] because it doesn't conform with the St Hildas view of climate warming [Read the Head Masters view]. The article I read put a counter view to the reason why the earth is heating up and suggested students did their own research as to the reasons if heating has occurred prior to the build up of carbon [which apparantly it has] and make up THEIR OWN MINDS rather than following the herd. Anyway, I think the schoold will rue the day it cancelled its richest ex student and greatest benefector, because the opinion did't agree with the majority.

It is interesting that once something affects you you become forced to have an opinion that might be different to that which you allowed with the rationalisation "They can do what they like it doesn't affect me" attitude. Twice, I have had to review my decisions made on the basis of something not affecting me at the time and it is not pleasant.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Covid has changed how the world will work!

Covid and the changes... very early on, I was asked how long would this crisis last - I thought we would be back to normal in 6 months - I was wrong and I think we will be doing stuff differently for years to come. That habit of daily checking your mail box will take years to chnge - today I watched my neighbour check the letter box - it should be called a "Bll Box" because those are the only things that come now - and I did too but we got mail yesterday and Australia post doesn't deliver everyday now!

People will stop going to the "office' everyday because working from home is no acceptable... that means CBD areas will Never recover!! I remember people looking down their nose at me when I had a serviced office [ that was in the tallest building in Perth's CBD }, than I had a shared space but that was in the Business Area of an outlying suburb but now I right this from my home office... I let the post Box go as in 12 months the only piece of correspondence I received was the account to renew it [ the post box ] I remember going to Bali for a maybe conference - When you could travel - those get togethers are over zoom now... so no$$$ on travel, accomoation or conferences.

The vaccines that we have have been developed at warp speed but I didn't realise that the normal time fram was 10 years not 12 months! Australia's biggest state by population hits 70% double jab today even with the antivax croad doing their best to stop it.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

The Factions have it!

The new premier of NSW was decided by the "faceless men" of the factions... Politics is a stange animal.

All the talk of "by the people for the people" is just that - talk.

Mmmmm with politicians featuring strongly in the Pandora Leaks of people behaving badly, is it any wonder nobody seems surprised.

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Monday, October 04, 2021

Chaos in NSW politics!

Just days after The NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian Resigned due to an ICAC investigation, the leader of the Nationals, John [Barra] Barilaro also quit along with his friend from the Liberals, Andrew Constance, who has decided to run for Federal parliament 

This leads for 3 byelections soon.. which means Australia's National elections will have to be delayed to after the christmas break.

Sttrange times... indeed!.

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Sunday, October 03, 2021

Daylight Saving starts today.

Daylight Saving - It starts today in Eastern Australia. Daylight saving time was introduced — not just in Australia, but around the world. , in essence, a way to save fuel during World War I

Here ia Western Australia we don't do daylight saving... we have n't built any poerstations in 15 years becasue of the amount of Solar Power [from the sun!] where people have panels o their roof.... so, we should never have daylight saving again.

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Saturday, October 02, 2021

New stuff!

Knitting has always been political! Also, have you noticed manufacturers of cars are starting to deal direct with customers -Honda, Jia, Telsa etc....

Today I learned that in America there was a law that prevented direct sales - maybe Elon Musk just ignored that law!! That is the power of political lobbying to have rules made or changed, as was the case in having a Master Knitting Guild - saying women couldn't be professionsl knitters - way back in 1500. 

Also if you were a non landowner you had to wear a knitted hat!

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Also if you were a non landowner you had to wear a knitted hat!

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Friday, October 01, 2021

Strange things!

If I told you it was raiing in Perth - would you believe me? Well it is and it is strange getting wet!

And Australia's favourite hardware store is getting bigger with the ACCC approving the purchase of  Beaumont Tiles. when favourite stores are lined up, mine are on an equal standing Office works and Bunnings where I can "shop" for hours, not get what I came for, but end up buying loads of "stuff". It is said that if you need to drill a hole, get a drill from Bunnings on Friday and return it on Monday after drilling the hole, and get a full no questions refund [ as ling as you have the receipt ]

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