Friday, March 16, 2018

The 7 Essentials of why Training is Great!

[1/7] Is staff training worth it?? According to ATD training can lead to 218% increase of income per employee and a 24% increase in profit margin... shouldn't you be investing in your people?
[2/7] The national Centre of Educational Quality of the Workforce says training gives a better increase in productivity [ 10% ] than upgrade equipment [ 3.4% ]
[3/7] Research says if you don't train NEW employees 40% will leave within the first year!
[4/7] 70% of staff say they stay longer when they get job specific training...
[5/7] How do employees feel about NO Training... 74% felt that they weren't achieving their full potential at work.
[6/7] When employees feel you care by providing training they are more engaged - a Dale Carnegie survey says engage employees out perform other by 202%
[7/7] Surprise surprise Millennials say [ a whopping 87%] say developing new vocational skills is significant to them.

The 7 Essentials of why Training is Great!
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Who would know?

What's in a word?
For years I have been mistakenly telling people that the word AIR in AIRBNB was because there was an app... but I have just finished listening to part 1 of the Tim Ferriss podcast with co-founder Joe Gebbia where he says it refers to an AIR mattress from the first version of the the service. I will have to chage my advice...
In that podcast Joe talks about a formula which helped his cold calling:
SW² + SW = MO
or some will care and some won't so what just Move On
So today things that have been waiting for action will be done...

Years ago an associate said to me "Why don't you do it?" and I replied " It might not work." and they said "Who would know?"

Friday, March 09, 2018

Turn Autumn Centres into start up incubators!

Here's an idea...
Turn Autumn Centres [ places for Seniors ] into start up incubators!
I was listening to Gary Vee going on about the ideas being presented to Venture Capitalists as the Next Uber for [ pancakes etc ] and he said a trend that will emerge will be retirees who have seen stuff being done wrong for 25 years who rather than vegetate would love to try and see if it were possible to fix the issue.
Gary further commented that these companies probably wouldn't be UNICORNS [ quickly worth $1 billion ] but rather one that grow to $5 or $10 million turnovers...
It got me thinking and I think it is a spectacular idea with people living longer - having their retirement years already funded and being able to devote as little or as much to the idea...
What do you think?