Monday, June 18, 2007

Lap Band Surgery - 5000 success so far

My good friend “Big” John said to me last week.. “You will have to start calling me “Fading away John” now as I have lost 132 lbs in the last 6 months” ( that’s 60 kgs for those of you who understand metrics ). Astounded I asked him what diet he was on, to which he said, “I have had the Lap Band Surgery because diets never worked for me.”

Did it cost a fortune was my question to John and he said “I found MyLapBandSurgery.Com and they took care of everything for me and it cost a lot less than you think!”

So I investigated MyLapBandSurgery.Com and found out that they have performed over 5000 Lap Band Surgey and many thousand more surgical procedures for Cosmetic surgery going back decades at Cosmetic Surgery Mexico.

Lap Band Surgery has been approved in many overseas countries from the early 1980’s and this means that people have been experiencing the benefits for 25 or more years. The procedure is very safe ( the FDA finally approved it in the US in 2001 ) and when performed in a worlds class hospital in a country like Mexico by expertly trained medical staff ir makes sense to use a service like MyLapBandSurgery.Com
If your lifestyle is compromised by that excess weight you have been carrying around for years, and if no diet will work longer than a coupe of weeks, you owe it to yourself to investigate the services offered by MyLapBandSurgery.Com.

You can choose when you would like to go to Mexico which is just a short jet trip from nearly anywhere in the US. In the services arranged for you, you will be chaperoned once you get off the plane until the day you go back to the airport. Many people say they feel so good that they ask their guides to take them out to shop for some awesome.

So what a way to start your new slimmer lifestyle. A trip to Mexico, world class medical facilities and staff, a chance to recuperate before coming home and years of a slim new you.

The people at MyLapBandSurgery.Com can also help with financing if you need some help with that. So, I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t finding out more about MyLapBandSurgery.Com

Either visit the website for even more information and a great DVD of what is involved or call Toll Free Number 1.866.309.0036 and talk with one of the team of experts and you could be telling people that you are “fading away to a beautiful body.”

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