Tuesday, April 02, 2013

13 Benefits Being Anti-Social brings...

That's a no then for a "drink after work...."

Ben Settle send crazy emails... this grabbed my fancy:

Here are 13 reasons to benefit from being ANTI-SOCIAL in an SOCIAL world.
  1. Not caring what anyone thinks
  2. Walking around naked while scratching yourself whenever (and wherever) you please (and nobody will ever know)
  3. Clearer thinking -- as you're not influenced by dozens of other peoples' voices prattling on about their opinions, feelings and brain farts
  4. Save lots and lots and lots of money. (Let's face it, when people leave the house, they spend money whether they intend to or not. But when you're an anti-social shut-in, you don't leave the house that much and, thus, save lots of $$)
  5. Never have to share your food or beer
  6. People don't do the "pop in" at your house and nobody asks you for loans or favors
  7. People trust you more since you never inconvenience them
  8. Everyone is always happy to see you (because they never see or hear from you -- so you get all the benefits of being social, without having to be social...)
  9. Never get swept up in other peoples' drama. (You can love people from a distance)
  10. Everyone tells you their secrets (since you don't socialize)
  11. You can ignore people you don't want to talk to. (Since we anti-socialites do all our communication via email, we simply say we never got the email...)
  12. Less stress (when society breaks down -- or the zombie apocalypse happens -- we won't even know it)
  13. No need for a smart phone (or even a dumb phone)