Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ask Patty for cars

here is a guest article by Liam Webb
Speaking from a males perspective, guys love cars. I know I do, spending a large chunk of my weekly salary on my car, a Nissan Silvia. But even if the love of a car isn't as fanatical as my own, there is still a large difference in attitude between a male going to a car yard or private seller to purchase a vehicle, and a female. The basic attitude around these types of purchases that woman will buy on emotion, such as 'I love that car' why? 'Its a really pretty colour!'

Now this may be a very generalised and stereotypical viewpoint, but it is the common conception amongst car sales-people in general. There is also the addition of woman being pressured into a purchase based on lack of knowledge of the product and the further misconception that they do not understand what they need.

Thankfully there is a resource out there to help woman faced with this situation. You can now Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty! This website is a special resource for woman who are in the market for a new car. This site contains information on car models, automotive news, a compare cars section, and an advice section, a must have for those who wish to avoid being taken for a ride.

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