Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hawaiian Holidays to Die For on The Big Island

Hawaii is the next big holiday on my list.

I plan to visit Volcanoes National Park, probably the most unique National Park in the U.S. The plan is to drive around the crater of the active volcano tasting the sulphur in the air. Apparently you can feel the hot steam rising from fissures around you.

At the end of the day the unearthly glow of molten lava is visible through cracks in the earth. Having seen the steam coming from the ground when I visited Rotarua in New Zealand, I am hoping for a day when lava is flowing quietly underground towards the sea, making for a large plume of steam.

After experiencing the volcanoes it will be time to visit the cliffs at South Point. Often referred to as one of the highlights of ancient Hawaiian history, i plan to feel the peace of a sparkling, olive green sand beach, glimpse the ocean as I stand at the end of the world. Sunsets, I am told can be spectacular here, too.

By now it will be time to return to our villa which the people at Kona vacation rentals arranged for us.

And the expectation of another day will make the sleep fantastic because on next adventure will include the Sea turtles at the beautiful black sand beach of Punalu'u. They nest there, and scour the shoreline rocks for algae. Our adventure will include a trek along the old trail that leads from the north end of the beach across vast rocky lava fields to other sheltered coves where more turtles, and a "heiau" can be seen. When we get there it will be time to take photos of the panoramic view of the southeast flank of Mauna Loa.

And for teh days before we go back to Australia we have booked a beachside villa with Hawaiian Beach Rentals and intend to rest up for the 12 hour flight home

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