Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Custom Sticker Magic

The wonder advertising product of the 21st Century ISNT anything digital - it is the ubiquitous Bumper Sticker. When you are driving to and from work, on that summer holiday, you are forced to look forward, and right there is the Bumper Sticker, in its rightful place - capturing your attention.

Customized is an online retailer specializing in providing our customers with personalized labels and stickers a wide variety of applications. Our premium stickers are printed on high-quality, long-lasting vinyl using a high-resolution, 150-line screen process which increases the life your custom message. By comparison, many of our competitors use a relatively grainy 70-line screen process, resulting in faster fade times and a decreased product lifespan.

Compare that with the standard operator who offers "just another product" - they just can't match our efficiency of custom printing - which means they can't beat our prices on personalized labels and stickers of the same quality. We are a leading adhesive manufacturer and plan on staying that way.

And Customized take great care to use appropriate adhesives, materials and UV resistant inks to make sure that your stickers and labels look as impressive years from now as they do today!

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