Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celebrity Goss IS HOT!

Want all the Goss in one place – then is the place for your celebrity news. We collect all the hot and cool stuff, from all over the web, and let you see it all.

Whether it’s why Britney wants those unflattering billboards down – you know the ones showing the pop diva’s star’s shaven head as part of an advertisement for its morning talk show or Christina Aguilera’s ’Slow Down Baby’ is the hottest new tune on the airwaves.

Want the latest about Brad Pitt and Angelina?? Or the really steamy stuff, including photo’s of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's mom.

The full story of how Mrs Pitt was escorted by Brad Pitt's security team in a black SUV and taken to Jennifer's rented Malibu beach home. And following along behind in a second the SUV was Jennifer Aniston.

And what is the latest on Keri Russell?

Celebrity News has this and more – do yourself a favour and be there NOW!

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