Friday, June 30, 2006

Best Place In Perth The Saville

Dear Wayne,

Glad to hear you are still going to send us the Spirit even though its a different form, as a subscriber for a few years now, I think its important that the Spirit continues no matter what the 'man' has to say, In our busy life with mobile phones, emails, family and work pressures sometimes its good just to sit back and read for 5 minutes an inspirational story, sometimes its good to feel inspired.

Sometimes its good just to have a quick giggle at some strange facts, sometimes its good to just giggle!

Those who don't agree with this form of email can simply 'unsubscribe' its not that difficult!!!

Glad to hear you are still going to send us the Spirit no matter what shape or form its still great to have it in our busy lives!!!!

Felicity Lockyer

Business Development Executive
Saville Park Suites Perth

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rare Spirit Indeed

Good Morning Rare Spirit.

I wish you well and hope you are successful in defeating the odds. I find it hard to believe that you are not able to continue to send your informative emails without threat of litigation. We all have the option of cancelling the emails so what is the problem.

Persistance is omnipotent. Good Luck Wayne and the team.


Nonie Ressler.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aspen - Melbourne Hospitality

Hang tough Wayne,

You will overcome. No doubt.

Kind Regards

Peter Green

Director Business Development
The Aspen Group of Companies

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hamba Ghashle!

Hi Wayne

Splendid to hear from you again.

As we say back home..."Just another day in the Jungle"

Hamba Ghashle!

Grant Ferreira

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Forge Real Estate Great Advice

Do you know if they ever read the Maverick Reports? I would classify spam as the irritating offers of Viagra and other meds form unknown parts of the world or offers of a 6 inch - you know what - . You just know it is not going to happen.

I always found your mail of interest and enjoyed the read. There was always something inspirational in there. I attended a couple of your seminars too and met with you which added to my interest. I don’t know how you derive a dollar out of it but I always found it curious as to why someone would go to so much trouble to put together such interesting and well researched articles. And then send them to me…

I have an absolute loathing for that kind of bureaucratic ‘can’t do’ attitude. This is Australia!

I urge you to “fight them on the beaches.”

Dean Frith LREA
Forge Real Estate Wallacia

Friday, June 23, 2006

I Am Gr8ful Workshops

Dear Wayne,

I have been subscribing to your newsletter for months. I read each and every one. I love them. In fact, I love the style with which you write. I can feel the emotion in the words. They are always enjoyed... and little chuckle here and there really helps my moods... and my thinking! You recent newsletter about "Persistence" was exactly what I needed, at the right time. Thank you.

In fact, I find that whatever the subject, I'm in need of reading about it.
The Francis Bacon quote on each edition of your newsletter continues to inspire me... "If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted."

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for what you are offering, not only to me, but your other subscribes, and importantly your future subscribers... I really believe that the way you promote your seminars, through the newsletter, is ingenious and well considered... Congratulations on offering a 'sales piece' that actually provides REAL VALUE in the process...

Your business sounds GREAT and I'd love to participate in one or two of your events in the near future.

I'm also convinced that we'll be able to work together in the near future. I was booked into one in Brisbane - Blast into 2006 - but couldn't attend and my friend, Jenny Walters actually dropped in at the last minute... She was RAVING! And, I really wish I'd found the time and energy to get along to it!!!!!!!!!!

Please take a look at the attachment. and let me know what you think about "I Am Gr8ful Workshops" -- if you'd like more information - I would really appreciate the opportunity to send you the presentation about those.

In the meantime, this is what I'm thinking of doing. forwarding your newsletter; The Rare Sprit, to our clients. encouraging them to subscribe and head along to one of your seminars.

Overall, the attachment will help you to understand our business. as importers and distributors of products for the health and beauty industry - there's no doubt we are the most sophisticated player in the Australian market and we enjoy a fabulous reputation.

For example, there are over 300 beauty salons, destination resorts with spas, massage clients and day spas who offer Lithos Therapy as a treatment on their menu of services. and we've trained their therapists. The Lithos Therapists in Australia will deliver over 40,000 Lithos treatments to clients who will LOVE the experience this year in Australia.

Each of those clients run businesses. and each of those business owners and operators would do well to read your e-newsletter - and they'd also do well to participate in the seminars you offer.. There's no doubt that broadening your target market to include the small business people of Australia involved in health beauty salons and hair dressing salons and massage clinics, should increase the numbers of people on seats at your seminars.

I'd like to contribute to this outcome...

We're growing quickly in our markets abroad as well. and we've got our sights set on achieving some incredible goals. We'd love to help you and in the process request your help.

I really thank you for reading this email. and for taking a look at the attachments.

I am keen to hear from you.

Cheers, Kim

Ps: take a look at -- it's a film festival that we're sponsoring - at Noosa - at the end of June... We're passionate about being involved... because of the charity that is associated with the event... AND also because the organisers are GREAT friends of mine - they do AMAZING work... for the community, for the youth of Australia and for their regular clients who pop into their FUNKY café/gallery and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Kindest Regards
Kim Serafini
mobile: +61 404 878 457

Director - GR8FUL Pty Ltd

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

They believe in you

Hey Wayne

It sounds to me like you have had some problems. Remember that when emotion is high intelligence is low. At the moment you sound very emotional. That great song "From a Distance" perhaps should be remembered.

Maybe, just maybe you need some advice from a distance from someone who isn't emotionally involved. The great words in the bible (and I'm not a religious nutter) are ask and you shall receive. Wayne I reckon most of your readers love what you do. They believe in you.

Perhaps if you laid out the facts. Ask your readers for their opinion you may be surprised by what comes your way. Of course I offer to help but I'm not sure I'm the man for the job.

I personally think you are a man of integrity. A great bloke.

Kevin Bolt

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Portside Centre

Grat seminar venue