Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Management Success

Hi Wayne, I attended a time management seminar with Business Seminars Australiain Brisbane last week.

I found it one of the most useful courses that I have ever attended. I am already saving about one hour per day to really get things done. I'm still working up to the two hour "bar". It's quite funny real, being an ex soldier, I am always gauging my personal and work life against my military training.

When I attended sniper training, we were always taught - see the the jungle, now look for the man ~ see the man now look for the jungle! In my business life I take that as it meaning, look at the big picture and then focus on the task ~ complete the task, stand back, look for the next task and refocus.

After attending your course I realised that my biggest time killer is both-, ."customers wanting just to pick my brain, or have a chat" and my inability to see that this was taking my focus off the task.

Just like in the military, if you lose focus on your target, It takes a lot of time and concentration JUST to refocus back to where you were. It may seem a strange comparison for my business life, but the Army training and continued business training that I attend now is what has made my business so successful.

Thanks for your wisdom and looking forward to your next seminar.

Dan Gough ~ Entrepreneur

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