Saturday, February 13, 2016

24/7 Service from Foxtel is only Monday to Friday Melbourne time #Fail #Foxtel

Just paid my Foxtel bill... but screen says I owe them... phone system [ yeah the automated one ] says I am up to date but I can get anyone to answer a phone to push a button until 9am Monday Melbourne time...

I have tried shouting at the nice man who puts me through to "someone who can help" but that systems hangs up and says ring on Monday.

The automated service [ isn't that an oxymoron?] gets me stuck in a loop. press 1, then 2, then 1 then 2...

Just heard some great stuff today - if your FREE service sucks... don't offer it.

Apparently that advice should apply to 24/7 service... if it sucks, like you can't get through after 5 pm... don't offer it.

[ If you saying I should have paid my bill, the bank cancelled my card due to a suspect transaction and all existing standing payments also suffered the same fate. ]

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