Sunday, July 10, 2016

Coles and OfficeWorks declare war on GOOD customers

After big companies continue to get a kicking for shady practices by ASIC and FairWork [ that inludes Coles, Woolworths and Seven11 ] they are starting to get nasty with their customers.

I use OfficeWorks for workbook reproduction and this weekend have spent $700 there. How do you reckon they treated me... I spend this amount or more each month. Firstly I was told that the rules had changed and I had to prepay Ugh?? I has been to the same OfficeWorks for 4 years spending upwards of $1k a month on copying without any issue on payment, yet they wanted a good customer to PREPAY because they had an issue with a customer not picking up a canvas printing job worth $100?

And when I went to leave the store in Malaga just a few hours ago, after paying the bill in full, the door person wouldn't let me leave unless he could itemize my receipt against what I was carrying. Mmmm unfortunately the little guy has been murdered by the Coles giant and I suppose this is the new normal.

On Saturday morning at the Coles Supermarket - you know the guys who have been caught out by the Fair Work Commissioner for underpaying staff... there was a young guy taking photos of behind the scene places that could be used against the current contract cleaners when they terminated their current cleaning contracts.

And oh these are the same guys who run KMART and TARGET and have clothes made in Sweat shops in Bangladesh...

I can see the Financial pages recording that both OfficeWorks and Coles are struggling as "store to store" sales are declining.

I wonder what genius will take responsibility for this latest cost cutting... treat customer as the enemy strategy.