Monday, July 30, 2012

YouTube Videos ROCK! Step 12 to Conquer Social Media 2012

YouTube messages are for everyone under 40 who prefer VIDEOS!!

Hi, it's Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

Today, we're going to talk about YouTube, which is the video sharing site where they say a billion downloads a day occur. It's just an amazing statistic. One of the really interesting things though with social media is that anybody under the age of 40 prefers to get their information in video, either by games or by television or by short videos or by movies or by DVD. If you're going to be effective in social media, you have to use this channel.

YouTube allows you to have a personal channel where you can control what information you put on there. If you have enough, they allow you to share in the revenue from that. We share in it, but I'm not sure how big the share is, but it really is one of those areas where if you hit the jackpot and you get one of your videos to go viral, it's possible that you could make significant income.

The important thing with YouTube is that it's part
of the Google monster. It also is highly rated within their search engine rankings, and video always outperforms normal articles if you're looking on a search engine optimization. For example, these 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012 are going to be produced as 23 videos.

Now, by doing
that, we get 23 chances of grabbing your attention.

Now, one of the areas that you should seriously consider is to use a transcription service and put the details of what you say and the areas that you highlight in the description of the video. That gives you extra juice, as they say, for search engine optimization. The recommendation is seriously consider YouTube channel for your social media.

Use videos or use
PowerPoint made into a video. Use your smartphone, maybe, your iPhone or your Android phone and make one, two, three-minute videos, and then the final step is get them transcribed so that when people are searching for you, the content gives them half a chance of finding what you're talking about.

This step, YouTube is number 12 of the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012

Looking forward to seeing you next time. This is Wayne Mansfield saying, see you later.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

PeerIndex is IMPORTANT Step 11 to Conquer Social Media 2012

PeerIndex - what you mates thin about you is important in Social Media 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to conquer Social Media 2012

We're up to Step 11, and we're going to
talk about PeerIndex. That's, and PeerIndex is a UK based application that looks at your social media activity, a lot like a lot of the other ones that I've talked about, and it produces figures that it gives to businesses who want to deal with people who have influence on the net.

Now, most people will have a PeerIndex figure of 30 or 40. Mine is 74, which puts me in the top thousand in the world, but in my market in Australia I think there are two or three of us on about that figure. When people are talking about what's going on on social media, PeerIndex has some authority by saying these people really know what's going on.

You can
check in at PeerIndex. It will be recording your index score, and peer means people doing the similar things to you. If you go and register, it records information from various places, and then it can build a map of where your activity is and where you can get the best results.

Now, this is important if you are on the net to sell things or influence people. It's my strong recommendation that you make the effort to go to PeerIndex, which again is, and register as being a member of the PeerIndex, and that number is included when you are on the search engine, somebody is looking for you. That's the step for this one, short and sweet.

PeerIndex, I recommend you be there. This is
Wayne Mansfield again saying, thanks for looking in. I look forward to seeing you next time we share details of 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012 is a place to be seen Step 10 in Conquering Social Media 2012

Xeeme [See me]  here Xeeme there... I am everywhere!! 

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. I'm going to talk to you about a certain application that you might not have heard of. It's called XeeMe, but it's spelled a weird name,, so

What it is, is a place
where you go and register all of the social media applications that you might be on. I think at the last count, they had over 400 social media sites that you could be registered on, and ranks you within all those sites and helps people who want to follow you go there and in one or two clicks follow you on all the social media sites you might be on.

There are a number of these, but this one is particularly effective, and it's promoted pretty heavily by a couple of good friends of mine who are very active in Empire Avenue. Michael Q. Todd, he swears by his use of and what it allows him to do is again gain authority within the social media areas by having all of his social media exposure linked in one spot.

Some other ones which we won't talk about very much or in great
detail are things like FriendFeed. Now, that was three or four years ago the place to be, but like many really good things on the net, it was purchased, I understand, by Facebook and basically left to wither. While FriendFeed was doing a couple of things which XeeMe doesn't do, it was great but isn't as great as it was.

I recommend you get yourself over to, which is and claim all your profiles, and they will give you as all of these things do a score and the higher that score is the better your authority on the social media networks. That's XeeMe, that's, which is, as I said, a social media authority site.

I've got so much more to talk to you about
that, but until next time, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks a lot for looking in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ALEXA has its place as Step 9 to Conquering Social Media 2012

Alexa and your ranking in the world... Step 9 to Conquering Social Media 2012

Welcome. This is Wayne Mansfield welcoming you back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. I'm going to talk about an old favourite of mine that's been around for as nearly as the Internet has been around. It's called Alexa, and it's a part of the Amazon
group of companies. I'm pretty sure about that.

If I'm not, let me know,
and I'll add a little addendum to the information that goes here. What it does is it ranks where your website or blog is in comparison to all the other websites and blogs on the net. And it also gives you where you're popular, which countries and things.

And it also has part of the wayback
machine, so it's possible if you've had a website for a number of years to go back and see what it looked like in 2005, or if you've had been here forever, what it looked like in 2002. So, all this combination of stats you can access through

Now, to give you an idea of why I follow it, prior to the changes that Google brought about, they're called Panda and Penguin, we were ranking for my personal website, which has two URLs to get to it, either or because that's where we started it. Prior to all these changes, we were ranking in the top 100,000 websites in the world. Now, this was because we had literally thousands of back links. I've been involved in what then was called SEO Practice, getting backlinks from wherever we could get them from.

After the Panda and
the Penguin updates, our ranking plummeted, and if we were to look at it today, we're about ranked 1.5 million. That means that there are 1.499 million websites in front of us for traffic, and in the U.S. which is our biggest market, we're at 345,000. Now, compare that to what I said we were before the changes, we were under 100,000, sometimes we were the 50,000th website.

The amount of traffic that we get from the traditional search engine optimization has dropped dramatically, and that's why social media as we've been talking in these 27 steps of total domination of social media 2012 is so important, because all the things that we learned over the last five, ten, 12 years, no longer apply. What I recommend you do is go to

Again, that's A-L-E-X-A .com and type in your major website, and it will
give you a ranking of where it is in the world, how many people have legitimate links to you, they've also followed Google's example and dropped out the link forms, so mine dropped from 1000s to 153, and see where you are.

You can with application and creating strong back links restore your
rankings within that Alexa system. So, that's it for this step in social media 2012.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Klout your way to Conquering Social Media Step 8

Klout is the way to ENSURE you Conquer Social Media 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps of  to Conquer Social Media 2012.

This step is step 8, we're
going to talk about the authority applications that have come to the web since everybody's stopped using their computer and accessing the Internet by smart phones, iPads, slates, and soon the new Microsoft application, SURFACE. And the granddaddy of all applications, the one that seems to have the most traction at the moment is called Klout, spelled K-L-O-U-T.

The idea is for you to have a high Klout score, which means that when people are searching for your information, your product, your company, on the net, the person with the highest Klout score is served up first by the search engines. Now, it's relatively new and most people don't understand how it works, and one of the things that Klout have been very careful about is they've disguised how their algorithm works and therefore they're hoping that people can't game it and get a higher score than is necessary. But, for example, most people will have a score of 20 or less.

If you have a
Klout score of 40, it means that you are active in social media; 50 means people are taking notice of you. My current score is 64, which puts me in the top thousand of people on Klout. A great friend of mine, Michael Q Todd, he has a score that fluctuates between high 70s and 80s. And he is generally recognized as one of the leading people when it comes to social media.

Now, you can have a high score and a very low audience. For example, you might be the expert in dogs, and that might only have a small audience. Or you might be the expert in Justin Bieber. He has a high 90 rating in talking about himself, which would seem to be quite logical when you think about it. Now, what you need to do is understand how Klout works. It scores your social media activity across a number of applications. The main ones you would expect are things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Then, it gets
to some interesting areas, Instagram, FourSquare, and it looks at the areas where most people are being active on social media. If you want your Klout score to grow, you need to go Klout, which is, and register.

Normally, you would register with your Twitter identity or your Facebook identity, and then it will track how active you are on the net and in 90 day cycles, which are 90 days continuous, so each day is what you were doing in the previous 90, it records your score. And by having, as I said, a high Klout score in your area of influence, before very long you will start to be noticed more than most people.

That's Step 8 of our 23 Steps
to Conquer Social Media 2012. I look forward to you joining me again when we look at other techniques we can use. This is Wayne Mansfield saying bye for now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Twitter Step 7 to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Twitter is the odd man out in social media - and is Step 7  to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps of How to Conquer Social Media 2012, where Twitter is Step 7.

Now, Twitter is the odd man out in social
media. Originally, it was the only social media platform that was an opt-out rather than an opt-in. By that I mean that if you were using Facebook and you wanted to follow somebody, you had to ask them to be your friend, and if they didn't agree, you couldn't see what they were doing. So that's an opt-in process. LinkedIn is an opt-in process, but Twitter was essentially a broadcast system, and so you're allowed to follow whoever you wanted to follow and it was a difficult process to block somebody from following what you said.

Conceptually, Twitter is the noise of social media. With Twitter you can follow whoever you like, and the protocol is that when you follow somebody, the Twitter machine will say, "Wayne's following you. Do you want to follow him back?" Now, that allows you to build a rather large audience very quickly.

My target originally was to get 1,000 followers, which was
considered a large number when leading people had 50,000. That number edged up to 10,000, then the number became if you had 50,000 followers, you're doing well. Currently, my follower base is in excess of 110,000 people.

And then, there's a few little applications on the web that tell you if that message filters down by things like sharing and favouriting and those other processes, you have this huge audience. At the last count, my audience could have been a possible 100-150 million people. What we say to you is really get active in building a follower base within Twitter.

need, in my opinion, at least, 10,000 people following you. And you do this by using some of the applications that are available, and the terms of service of Twitter allow you to follow 1,000 people a day. Now, assume that 20% of those people followed you back. In 100 days, you could have as many as 20,000 followers. As your following base gets bigger, what happens is that take up rate slows down a little bit. But, a daily routine of following people so they can follow you back is essential to making Twitter work for you.

Now, one of the tricks of the trade, if you like, is that you should follow the followers of your competition. For example, if you are in the car business, and your local car dealers have an aggressive Twitter practice, they might have 10,000 followers. Now, we can assume that a follower of a car dealer would be interested in cars, and if you're in cars your idea would be to follow the followers of that competing business. Very tricky and very, very effective. We use some software that makes this really, really easy which we'll talk in detail in another one of the steps to total domination of social media.

Let me just give you an insight into one of the programs, which is called Tweepi, T-W-E-E-P-I. And what Tweepi allows you to do, in various forms it has a free form, and it has a couple of professional formats.

It allows you
to follow up to 200 people in basically one click. And what we do with this is we can either follow by a hashtag, or follow by follower's accounts, and it is a very, very effective way to build up a following in a niche market. So, I'm recommending that you get really active in Twitter.

It is the noise
of the social media. We talked earlier in one of the steps about Tweetdeck, how you can monitor what's going on. And then, the other bit of software which we'll talk a lot more about, because it does more things that just the thing for Twitter, is Tweepi. So, Twitter is one of the most important Steps to Conquer of Social Media 2012. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

G+ [Google Plus] step 6 to conquer SocialMedia 2012

Google + "The elephant in the room" is Step 6 of 23 Steps to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 steps to conquer
 SocialMedia 2012. Now, many of you would have noticed that a lot of things have changed with search engine optimization that have cute little names for it, like panda and penguin, but basically the situation has been everything that you've known and known to be true over the last two to five years for search engine optimization has changed and changed forever.

The reason this has happened is most people are accessing the Internet through a social media application. So Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.  When they're doing that, they're not searching on Google as they used to.

What Google have done is say, "We can't let this go 
on forever". So in July 2011, Google launched their social media platform, more media than social, but they called it Google Plus,[G+] and the idea of that is that authority attaches to you as the author of various content on the web.

And so, when you write something, what you want people
to do is to acknowledge you as being the author, acknowledge you as being the authority, and to give you a plus or a Google Plus to do that.

Now, even though it was launched in July of last year, so it's basically a year it's been around, 150 million people are using G+. Probably you aren't yet, but you should be. And with Google Plus, what it does is give you authority within the social media and within the people who are still using Google as a search engine. When you now search, you will find that what comes up is your Twitter account, your Facebook account, your LinkedIn account, your YouTube account, and the new one is G+. It's really clever the way that it works. It has some really unique features. One that I really like is called Google Hangout, which is a video sharing platform within the Google Plus application, and you can have up to ten people on a Google video where you can share ideas. So ideal for small sales teams and things like that.

My recommendation is get into G+. You have a personal page. You can have a business page, very much like Facebook. And like all of these things, early adopters get a significant advantage. Google Plus is one of the steps in my 23 steps to conquer Social Media 2012.

Until we
meet again, this is Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for looking in. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Facebook Step 5 of 23 Steps to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Facebook is Step 5 of 23 Steps to conquer Social Media 2012...

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. I've left Facebook, which is the granddaddy of all the social media applications to Step 5. Most people would start on it, but because we've got Facebook anyway, I thought I'd leave it to a little later in our steps for total domination.

Now, Facebook, as we're recording this which is mid-2012, is expected to announce that it has its one billionth member of Facebook. That's extraordinary, isn't it? It would make it the third biggest country in the world after China and India. I could see at the rate it's been growing, this time next year we'll be talking about it having more members than there are people in either China or India. But social media really most people say, well,it's Facebook.

Let me give you the figures for Australia. Australia has 22 million people. Facebook say they have 12 million registered users, so that's better than one in two Australians have a Facebook account. Now for business, the application isn't as flexible as it should be. Facebook, after all, is now a money making organization. It has over the last three to four months been changing, fine tuning, making them more effective pages for business.

They used to be called fan pages, they're just called pages now. There's lots of ways to look at pages, and the area of Facebook that most people miss is that it's different to Google search engines. What you have in Google search engine, is people looking for a product and you try to match what they're looking for. Facebook with all the information you give them to set your account up, and I understand that a lot of people make some of that information up. But then all the information you share with your
friends, they have algorithms that take note of that.

If you were a wedding florist, for example, it's possible for you to advertise on Facebook by selecting people who might be in the market for a wedding. So, for florists it would be females, and it would probably be between 20 and 35, who are single, engaged or in a relationship, and then if your florist only handled people within a 20 or 50 kilometer radius, you can select that as well, and say, in the example for Australia.

I know some of you will be looking at this from overseas, but in Australia you could select my city, Perth. Then, you could select one of the suburbs, and say within 50 kilometers of me. You chop down the number of possible people from 12 million for Australia down to maybe, 20 or 30,000 within this 50 kilometer radius. Then, your ad will show, because you buy an ad, a very cheap ad. It will show when anybody within your target market, those 20 to 35 year old single, engaged or in a relationship young women, talk about things to do with weddings or receptions and babies and all those things, your ad will show up.

You only pay when there's a click, and that happens about one in 100 times, so for every 100 times that your ad shows up you pay for one. It's fantastic stuff. And it is not when people are looking for it, it's for when people are talking about stuff. Facebook, you can either be excited by this or scared by it. If you're scared by it, turn your computer off, stamp on it, never go back on the net, because everybody knows everything about us anyway, but as a business and for social media domination, Facebook is fantastic.

Now, you might have gathered from what I just said that you should have more than one Facebook page. In fact, in our case where we're a seminar company, with nearly 40 different seminars, we have 40 different pages. Because we find that if somebody's looking for cold calling, we need to capture them on a page that says cold calling for scaredy cats.

If, however, they're looking for speed reading, we have another seminar called power read, speed reading for business, so it has its own pageFacebook is the granddaddy of it, as I said, at the start of this little session closing on a billion members. Also, it's changing everyday because of the necessity of the investors to get a return on investing all that money in Facebook. Facebook will still be the place that most people will have on their phone. In fact, maybe 70 to 80% of people who access Facebook
through their phone and that gives just a different reason and a different strategy of social media marketing.

This is tip number 5 of the 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LinkedIn Step 4 of 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012

Watch this video or read my explanation of why LinkedIn is a power house for Social Media

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer  Social Media 2012.

We're going to talk in this session about one of the most popular and one of the first social media applications to go to the stock market, and get a real value in the real world. Of course we're talking about LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn, I've been involved in it for maybe six or seven years. I remember getting an email from Reid Hoffman, when he was getting ready to list on the stock market in the U.S. saying, "Thanks for being an early adopter." I think I was in the first 100,000 or less than that.

So I've been doing this for a little while.

In simple terms, what LinkedIn is a business version of what you probably are aware of as Facebook. It has some great advantages for you if you're in business, in that it's pretty difficult to complete all the details to get a profile, it is then also difficult to get involved in people's networks.

One of the really clever things, though, is it shows you how many people you might be linked up to if your message gets passed on. So in my case, even though most people think that the limit for number of first-level contacts is 3,000, once you get to 3,000 you write to LinkedIn and as long as you haven't bent any of the rules, their terms of service, those sorts of things, they will allocate you another 500 opportunities to link with people.

Now in my case, my first level is 8,600 people. Now with that, I have access to all the details they have cared to share with LinkedIn, and that includes things like their positions in companies, the companies they work for, their real address, their email address, their phone number. All that sort of information's a very, very powerful database that it creates. It shows me that my 8,600 on level 3 of LinkedIn, reach an amazing 21.2 million people.

So in simple terms, I have the ability to influence people on a bigger scale, than merely somebody influencing the people of Australia that has 22 million people. Obviously my people in LinkedIn are spread across the globe.

What I've been able to do within LinkedIn is join or create, because you can do it yourself, groups of people with similar interest. So our business operates in a number of places in the world, so I'm party to a group of people in India in the training organizations. I'm a member of a group called the GCC, which is Middle-Eastern/North African countries, again,in the training area.

We're expanding our business to the U.K. from October on, so I'll join groups of people who are in business education in the U.K. Then, what you have is automatically a group of people who are keen to help you, by sharing really great ideas. In the sharing community, it's not long before, as you share, people will answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

LinkedIn listed on the stock market recently, and has a value of maybe $10 billion, which is really clever. It's used mostly by people looking for people to come and work for them, so you need to be aware that you'll get some direct contacts, and maybe you want them, some direct contacts for jobs, and maybe you want them, some contacts for jobs and things like that.

Surprisingly, out of the blue, just recently, LinkedIn has released an iPad and an iPhone application. I'm sure that it also goes across to Android, but I haven't activated my Android application for this.

It is a spectacularly good application. If you are interested in talking with your groups, you can do it on your iPad or your iPhone. So LinkedIn is a powerful place, within the social media marketplace. It is one of the areas that in Empire Avenue, is scored highly for your activity within what's going on in your social media planning. So if you're not already part of LinkedIn, become part of it. If you are, update your profile, because it is optimized for search engine optimization.

Also, go about asking people to join. There are a number of groups called "LinkedIn open networkers". [LIONS]

That means they will accept every invitation to join their group. I believe in the power of the weak link. So the bigger your network here in LinkedIn, or in any of the other social media applications, the more likely you are to find the unusual or the brilliant, or the game-changing idea, rather than if you have five or ten people in your LinkedIn first line circle.

So LinkedIn is step four in your total 
 Conquer  Social Media 2012. Look forward to seeing you again when we talk about some other things. 

Friday, July 06, 2012

EmpireAvenue Step 3 to Conquer Social Media 2012

EmpireAvenue Step 3 to Conquer Social Media 2012

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media, 2012. The third step in our 23 steps, is to access and learn to use to its full advantage, a stock market game using a game strategy on the web called empire avenue.

In simple terms, it's a stock market game, but it's based on the value of people's social media activity. Little more complicated than that, but if you think about it, as the ability to buy and sell shares within the people who are really doing great stuff on the net.

There's a few people that have been in it for, it's been going for about 2 years, who really do dominate social media, by being able to use Empire Avenue to achieve some amazing things. Also, just in our last two or three weeks, there has been some great iPhones and Android phone apps for Empire Avenue. So you can keep your social media activity going, wherever you happen to be.

So how do you use social media marketing Empire Avenue style? What it does is it tracks the most common and powerful social media applications. So for example, it measures your Facebook, your Linkedin, your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages, and maybe up to 20 different social media activities, and it allocates a score and creates a dividend for your activity within that.

Then what happens is, the more active you are, the higher your share price goes, and therefore the more influence you have.

Remember that the internet has moved from linking and keywords and those things, to authority. This is all the stuff that's going on which is called Penguin and Panda updates by the SEO part of Google. So social media needs to look at where things are going in the next, three months is a long time in social media, but in the next three to six to twelve months.

And Empire Avenue is one of those great things. It also allows you to direct traffic . It has an application called Missions. And in Missions you can say, look I just started a new webpage, how about you go over and have a look at that, and it allocates rewards in virtual money, it's called Eaves, for people to go and visit.

Like everything, if people are going to go have a look at a website and already a thousand people have looked at it, they're more likely to look at then if they're the first person that's come have a look and thinking, I must have ended up here by mistake. So step three in this process of dominating social media 2012, is to join and understand and use Empire Avenue.

This is Wayne Mansfield saying thanks a lot. See you next time when we talk about steps to dominates social media 2012.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Socialoomph - Step 2 to Conquer Social Media 2012

Check the video............

Hi. This is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back to my 23 steps to conquer Social Media 2012.

What I wanted to talk to you about in this session is the application we use, which was originally called TweetLater, but at the time when Twitter was looking at grabbing back its name, it changed its
name and became called SocialOomph.  SocialOomph is a automation program that allows you in various levels of automation to look at various paths of your social media exposure.

We use it for automatically following back and giving direct message, when people follow us on Twitter. So that we can tell them that we know they're following, and we also put a link in and the link links people back to various sites that we want them to look at. So it's a daily regimen where in the morning I have a look at who's followed me back, and the great thing about SocialOomph, it has some facilities in it to show you whether the person following you back is a real person, a company, or it is a bot.

It gives statistics of how long they've been on Twitter, how many times they tweeted, how active they are. So we use it. It's really a great application, that allows us to keep on top of these things. Within SocialOomph, it has a process that say this person is definitely worth following back, this person is definitely not worth following back and this one maybe you should think about whether they're going to add to your experience in the social media marketing.

Now, it can be totally automated which some people use, but I prefer to have a look at it most days and it stores up the information for up to 72 hours so if you missed it, you're traveling, there's no harm done. So basically you can have a look at your activity on the net and who's doing what.

We find that everyday there's somewhere between a hundred and three hundred people that followed us back. Remember, we've got over a hundred thousand people following us on Twitter.

What happens with SocialOomph it sends them a welcome message and says "thanks for following, when you're in Perth, which is as close to paradise as you can on Earth, come and visit us", and we put in a link which takes them to other properties that we have on the net, or maybe we're promoting a client and in some cases we take it to the West Australian government.

Because I'm based here in Perth, Australia, to WA Government  tourist site. So saying this is a fabulous place to come have a look at, that's what we do with SocialOomph.

It is Step 2 on our 23 steps to Conquer  Social Media 2012.

So this is Wayne Mansfield saying until we get time to chat again, thanks a lot and see you again.

The link to SOCIALOOMPH is an affiliate link... if you buy the pro version I make a few cents...