Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Revenge of the Bullied

The face of a winner - WBO World Champ Jeff Horn
In all the anti-bully political nonsense I wonder how many stories like this one go unacknowledged?

"Former school teacher Jeff Horn is getting used to his new title of world champion, after an upset victory over boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. It's a classic underdog tale for Horn, who only took up boxing after being bullied."If you have every adversity taken away how can you ever grow resilient??
Here is my take: We have had 20 years of political correctness about this BUT the reasons why we have put up with this [ suicide among young males for instance ] have continued to rise... wouldn't you say that is a failure??

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

End of things as we know them Part 2: Landlines for phones

Do you remember a telephone that was attached to the wall?? We still have one - it is the thing we still have because our ADSL Broadband internet provides it for free. We have a phone number for it which has been reduced to being only useful as a reference number. and the phone line is hocked up to an answering machine and the usual call is phone the phone company [ Telstra in Australia ] reminding us to pay the bill. We actually do not answer incoming calls on that phone as we haven't given out the number in a number of years and the four adults who live here all have their individual mobile [ cell for our American friends ] phones.

What has this change meant?? Well in the old days when my daughter came home for holidays her friends used to call. Now they probably do but we [ her mother and I ] wouldn't know.

Poll companies don't like to ring mobiles because they can't be sure where the phone is being answered so the last 3 years have been disastrous for their predictions of who would win elections.

And young people under 10 would have no idea what they are for.

This is what a telephone once looked like

A trip a couple of years ago to Kenya found that they never had hard wired phone - mobiles were deployed nation wide quicker and cheaper than any previous system.
So, 10 years of the iPhone have seen off many tings and the old hardwired phone is one of them.

[ Sad story - Australia's NBN - fast internet - is still not scheduled for my area - just 8 kilometres from the cbd so I will have to jeep my landline util at least 2022. ]

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Monday, July 10, 2017

The End of things as we know them: Newspapers

For more than 40 years - since June 1975 to put a date on it, I have had the newspaper delivered to my home. 2 months ago, my bank, as a security measure cancelled the credit card that the paper was charged to and in the 10 days it took for the new card to come, we didn't miss the paper, so now we buy Saturdays paper [ down from 200 pages to 120 ] and Sundays paper down from 160 to 80 pages when buying groceries or breakfast.

Here is what Bobby Casey, Managing Director Global Wealth Protection says:

Here are some of the things that are slowly being phased out:
Newspapers. I only know they still are in print because I saw one the other day at a coffee house. For the most part, that same news is produced at a subscription rate if not free online.

The West Phone App
In my case I got an email from The West Australian [ I am in Perth Western Australia  ] saying - download our FREE app and keep up to date... so I have now reason to restart the delivery service and when I want to read a newspaper I can do that either online or at the coffee shop

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Skype Credit Unused??

Got this message from Skype just now:
That could be an idea ??

Reactivate your credit
Your Skype Credit is now inactive

We've noticed you haven't used any Skype Credit in 180 days. Your credit is now inactive - but you can reactivate it again at any time.
How to reactivate your credit

1. Visit your account on
2. Sign in with your Skype Name and password.
3. Click Reactivate credit and follow the steps.


seeing I can't spend it on Skype - everything they used to charge for is free or available free somewhere else... can I convert it to a donation and help someone in need??

How many millions do you think they have in used Skype credits - $60 of mine.