Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Are you keeping your commitment to yourself?

I have been listening to the views of Andy Frisella of The MFCEO Project and the REALAF Podcasts. I remember when my son, Matthew, said I should listen [That is word of mouth working] he also said you probably won't like the language [There are lots of the MF word} and Andy sounds perpetually angry. Well I listen with the filter on [I don't hear the MF words] and he sounds less angry the more you agree with him.

I am doing his Program 75 Hard which is about building self discipline and I remember him saying that to complete the 75 Hard, each day finished at midnight.

One of the things I have set myself is to do 20,000 steps a day instead of going to a gym. At 9.30pm last night, I was at 16700 steps and I didn't want to start over so, at 9.30pm, I went walking to get passed the 20,000 steps goal that I set myself - it felt good to do it but I was hoping nobody stopped me and asked "what are you doing?" so, I have know gone 46 days without missing a step in the process.

Podcast Link "The RealAF"

Link to 75 Hard

Listening to Andy is like watching the news on the ABC and then on Fox and wondering what is the truth. I commend you have a listen and test your beliefs. [ Yes it is challenging ]

My challenge is to get you to start thinking for yourself.

Sidenote: I would like to thank Marlene R, who took me to task for poor grammer in the last newsletter - the wrong word used - I used sort rather than sought in the piece about WWE.

If you want to follow my ramblings, you can at the Boy from Margaret River Blog where you can learn, unlearn and relearn.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Do what you think is right!

Last week,I had an issue with the bank... you know "we love you as a customeer but wait for 45 minutes on the phone - I might have waited longer but I gave up!

When I got to my coffee and paper shop [7/11 Morley] my credit card was back where I was talking to the bank [I didn't have it!] and the phone app doesn't work - who knows why, so coffee in hand the lady who servers me said she would put the money in. Disaster averted.

Today I was half way there but I didn't have money [you know the real stuff] to give here back the "loan". I though about putting it off another day but finally went to a ATM and withdrew cash - much more than I owed the lady but banks only deal in $20 or $50 notes...

when I paid I used the note and the lady said she didn't remember the amount... I suggest something and she agreed - I felt much better! 

The moral: Do what you think is right!

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Be yourself!

 I have a couple of examples where I should have but didn't:

I did the tax for someone very close and a difficult question came up. I asked advice from an accountant friend " Who said - Let sleeping dogs lie." when it cam time to take that advice I squashed the little voice and let the Person lodge a return."

Then all hell broke out... A Bill for nearly $50k came instead of a refund for $2k... whose fault do you think it was?? Well I am still wearing the heat from that - and until yesterday was saying it was someone elses fault but it really was mine.

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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Self Image?

Sometime ago someone close said " you are just an Old, fat, angry" man.

Now I am a little less heavy after losing 20kilos, still od but I am working on the angry bit.

The problem with woreking on angry is that it requires lots of personal intervenions... Like going off grid at times. in the last 48 hours I have had to rethink how I react to a situation because my anger got the better of me. But I am learning to be less angry because it is hard to come back from saying stuff that you can't retract!

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Change happens - covid -19 is an example!

There’s no point in trying to escape change.

Change is difficult and uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It can be forced upon us by unexpected circumstances: an accident, a job loss, an illness or malfunction in a machine we rely on.

If your partner suddenly breaks a leg and you need to abandon your usual activities to take care of them, show them what an adaptable, tolerant and responsible person you are — and change accordingly.

The odd thing is, the older we get, the more we grumble about change, yet so many of us have already faced the greatest change of all: going from independence to dependence, with little or no preparation at all. I suppose it’s because it’s something we don’t want to think about too much, as we’re secretly confident we’ll cope when we have to.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Can anybody do NFT's

Can you make an NFT? Well, one would assume so given that when Trevor Andrew as Gucci Ghost (pictured below), and he managed to sell it for $3,600. 

So, technically, anyone can create a piece of art, turn it into an NFT on the blockchain (a process called 'minting') and put it up for sale on a marketplace of choice.

You can even attach a commission to the file, by way of a "smart Contract, which will pay you every time someone buys the piece through a resale.

Much like when buying NFTs, you need to have a wallet set up, and it needs to be stuffed full of cryptocurrency. It's this requirement for money upfront that causes the complications.

The hidden fees can be prohibitively astronomical, with sites charging a 'gas' fee for every sale (the price for the energy it takes to complete the transaction), alongside a fee for selling and buying.

You also need to take into account conversion fees and fluctuations in price depending on the time of day. All this means that the fees can often add up to a lot more than the price you get for selling the NFT.  

Whether or not NFTs are here to stay, for the moment they are making some people money and they're creating new possibilities for digital art. I would, however, advise caution and careful consideration of which platforms to use. 

If you want to get creating, make sure you've got one of the newest and most powerful computers or tablets!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2 Rules to dominate a Social Media Platfrom!

According to Gary V there are only two ways to dominate a sical media platform - be first [ or amongst the first of your niche ] or the best [ for established networks.

So at the moment - being first or dirst in your niche applies to TikTok, Pinterest or Linkedin... I will leave the rest for someone else.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

New is Best!

I remember being one of the first people to have a twitter account.... engagement was high and results were great... Twitter works differently now!

Gary V says you should be always looking for the new thing... in 2019 he was talkng about instagram and Tictok... but he said you have to be prepared when something stops working... like Periscope and clubhouse...

The other thing Gary V says you shoud post up to 25 times a day and have somethin diferent for each platform.

The thing I got was that whilst twitter works differently to how it used to [when I had about 10,000 followers I got up to 400 interactions a day - now with 100k followers I am lucky to get 10 interacrions a week.! that doesn't mean it is not working - it is working differently!]

So, I will try to find the newest thing and experiment on it.

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Is cricket Stuffed?

 My earluest memories are of listening in the middle of the night to the radio afor australi verus England and the Ashes- The voice was alan mcGilvray and later I heard it was made up. I ltsened with my faher so they are fond memories.

I didn't think the cricketers were superhuman but just ordinary people playing at the highest levels... did they cheat? Probably? But you din't know for sure and certaim.

Fast forward to Cape Town and the test against South Africa - the players were now multimillionaires but still men playing a game.... [March 2018] but there for everyone to see Brancoft uses sandpaper on the ball [cheating] but e is caught - it is one thing to cheat it is a whole different thin to get caught... Bancroft, Warner [ apparently the ring leader] and Smith are sacked and the new captain is an unknown [to me anyway] called Tim Paine..

Fast forward to November 2021: It is announced that paine is resigning as Captain because he was caught sexting while married with a female colleague in 2017 - so it has been covered up for 4 years!!

Cricket's New Low is cheating, being caught and cvering it up!! What were they thinking. I was just starting to watch cricket after being shocked at the Cape Town scandal, but this takes the cake - Mr Clean, not only is a chaet, he got caught and he takes a picture of his ***** and they try and cover it up??? Maybe I give cricket up or just realise this is what the world id - that all those years ago, chaeying was happening and was being vovered up because "what you don't know, doesn't hurt you!"

I was surprised to learn that Darwin was bombed more times than Peral Harbpur but "they" kept it quiet... did that hurt me or not? Maybe I would have a differet reaction to the Darwin Port being leased to the chinese Governmant.... Maybe?

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Is it really about web 3.0?

I remeber thinking the internet would take forever to gain traction - I gave a talk on the web early on and about 50% through the talk I was met by blank stares... nobody new what I was talking about - it was 1990 and we were talking about modems, smart phones being Nokias, and fax marketing etc.... the same expressions meet me when I talk about Web 3.0 and the platform it is built on - Blockchain and NFT's - only this time the change will be swift... you won't be able to deny the changes - they will come anyway. 

For example, I thought petrol cars would last forever but who would have predicted General Motors actually stopping to market cars where they had sterring wheels on the English side of the car [ Riht hand drive] - that's in Australia, New zealand, South Africa and India. Now many comanies, including GM, are only going to make electric cars from 2030 - gee that is soon [just around the corner].

The change from Horses to Cars took a while but the change from fossil fueled cars to electric vehicles will be much quicker... there might even be a new push towards Australian manufactured cars - Heck, the pollies are already talking about that.

World trade will be done differently soon... supply chains have broken down - I heard they were established as a offset to the cold war... America shipped its jobs to China etc... those jobswill come back as two things take hold - higher wages and broken supply chains. The jobs will be different as Robots driven by ai will replace laburers producing goods but service jobs will explode so our education system will need to change for those jobs.

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And the Cities Hearts often called the cbd'd will be chalenged as people work from home or decentralised spaces.

There is a simple question for you: Will you be ready!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Things to know about NFTs but you were afraid to ask!

 NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital-only collector items backed by blockchain technology. Here’s what you need to know about these sought-after crypto collectibles.


What are NFTs? – Time Magazine defines them as “computer files combined with proof of ownership and authenticity.” They can be anything digital: artwork, memes, sports cards, music, etc. For example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold the first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million . Unlike traditional money or bitcoin which are essentially interchangeable, NFTs are non-fungible, meaning each token has a unique worth and cannot be traded for another. 


Digitizing and monetizing  Artists have been creating easily accessible art online for years, often times with nothing to show for it­—especially in a monetary sense. NFTs allow digital artists the ability to truly own and sell their creations while benefiting financially.

ThreeWho is buying NFTs? – NFTs aren’t just for high-end collectors. Some tech-savvy buyers are purchasing them as a way to support their favorite artists, athletes, or celebrities. Others are just hopping on a booming trend in the hope that the value will increase.


The pandemic, the Internet, and NFTs – NFTs aren’t a new concept and have been around for years. Their popularity has been boosted by a combination of Bitcoin’s success and people spending more time online due to COVID-19.


How big is this market? – Bigger than you may think. The NFT market grew by 299% in 20201 with sales in the first quarter of 2021 soaring to more than $2 billion2—and it’s shown no signs of slowing. Auction houses are already getting in on the NFT craze and NFT-related stocks have been on the rise.


Is this the future of digital-asset investing? – Some investors see NFTs as a modern approach to investing in art, but how this may pan out remains to be seen. The growing field of digital assets is volatile, but it’s a trend both investors and financial professionals should keep an eye on.


Risky business – Like all investments, NFTs have risks. They’re unregulated and the mania surrounding them may lead to volatility: buyers may purchase an expensive NFT only to discover later that it’s not worth much. NFTs aren’t readily exchangeable for cash, so liquidity is an issue.


Environmentally unfriendly – Digital assets might be paperless, but, unfortunately, they’re far from green. The computers, storage, and security required by NFTs (and cryptocurrency in general) use a lot of energy.


Surprise! They’re not tax-free – Both buying and selling NFTs is a taxable event. Because NFTs are considered collectibles, they’re taxed at the maximum capital-gains rate of 28%. Investors can also expect to be taxed when buying and selling NFTs with cryptocurrency, selling an NFT for another NFT, and when converting cryptocurrency back into US dollars.


Bubble trouble? – With so many people trying to “get in early” and pushing prices to exorbitant highs, some worry that this market isn’t sustainable.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Should we stand up?

One of the problems of having one party in power by a huge majoritys that checks and balances don't  seem to work... The current examples are labour gaovernments in Victoria and Wetern Australia... In Victoria the government is trying to extend their powers under the pandemic rules, the opposition is too weak and we have thousands protesting in the streets... in Western Australia we have a hard border longer than all Australian states but Public Opionion polls show that even with less support than previously nearly 70% agree that a closed border is OK until February 2020. There is no street marche yet but maybe it is coming.

I remember 1 million Mrching in London against the iraq War but still the government supported a "flawed" assessment and went to war.

Oh well, when I can I think I will go to a place where it is difficult to be "Under the Thumb" All this reminds me of ayn rands book "Atlas Shrugged " Life imitationg art!

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Monday, November 15, 2021

A Year is a Long Time!

Western Australia is debating a border opening for the last test of the Ashes test. Aparently we will have a five day quarantine for players whilst the rest of arrivals must do 14 days.... reports say that this won't happen but who do you belief?

Australia with it West Australian Coach, won the Fisrt world Cup T20 cricket competition... Coach Justin Langer was harranged for being too tough.... West Asutralian Player Mitch Marsh was named Player of the game with a fabulous 70 plus helped Australia defeat new Zealand.

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Friday, November 12, 2021

WA you have been quiet too long!

I remember the last vote in WA - McGownas labour party got 85% of the vote and the conservstive parties got wiped out! How did I vote? I am noe ashamed to say I spoiled my voting Paper by wiriting "You are both shits and nobody deserves my vote...." I now realise I have contributed to the place we have now.."

I belivev in Vaccines so, on the promise of being able to travel, I am fully vaccinated... but the rules have now changed - not until 90% are fully axed will the borders be opened. So, after being lied to I wonder whtelse they have fudged on. Remember when that 6 year old girl died at PMH [Aishirayay?] Roger Cook [The health Minister] said we had a best in the world health system... and a report would be out in 5 weeks - well after 5 months the report said that our system is broken and nobody spoke to that young girl so, the lies are xposed: 1. Time for report 2. World's best sytem 3. The staff did eeverything possible. 

The reason for a closed border is... the real reason is our Hospitals can't cope!

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Get with the change!

I was having coffee with an old friend this morning and as usual he asked me for advice on Tech issues... his problem was that he wanted to learn stuff so he could be more productive.

I have been an internet nerd from 1990 when dial up was the thing that everyone was having difficluty getting their head around... I purchased a 24.4 kbp modem and was told by the guy who serverd me "this is will be all you want for the rest of your life!" Well I have 50meg NBN at home and it is slowwwwww.

This leads to my friend and his questions on what he should do and my advice was after 5 or 6 years eveything is shut down rather than upgraded... for example would you buy a fax machine?? I was the worlds best user of Pagemake but it was discountiued 7 years ago.... I had a 10 licence deal with microsoft which has been replaced by software as a service... So I told my friend the only way to be sure he was backing the right horse was to use software built on the NFT platform... if it wasn't he was wasting his time.

He is an accountant and I asked him would he consider doing the professiona without the access to the internet?? well the changes coming are so profound that the change to the internet will seem inconsequential in changes coming now... I suggest wht we know as the Internet and software will change so profoundly that it will be unrecognisable in 5 years.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Aaah bikies make good headlines!

The bikies have pushed covid and Cloe off the frontpage for our daily newspaper - the West Australian - apparantly, for a bounty, an ex sas sniper, agreed to shoot three bikies - the bounty was apparently $1 million.

Anyway, that is what has made the front cover of the local press.... the same story about the wrong use of check in codes on the Safe QR app we must use when going about our business - I remember hearing the Police commissioner saying as the law allowed it it was gong to use the information although Premier Mcgowan said it would only be used for Covid... so they rushed through a amnedment on the pretext that the original law was poorly drafted... all this is supposed to reassure us... but still the border remains closed.

If you want to hear the alternative narrative to how America is handling these resrictions to our liberties, may I suggest you listen to the Andy Frisella Podcast REALAF which gives a view that no media gives air to. but this example of the use of QR codes against the actual words of the law makers is interesting considering the comparisons Andy makes to what is happening in the US...

He predicts that masks and vaccination will be made mandutroy soon... hangon I think that is the case here in Australia and the UK - be vaxed or you can't work!!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2021

When will WA's hard board come down?

It is stange - I used to think living in Western Australia was like living in paradise until I couldn't leave... which is now the case. Covid has spread everywhere in the world but in Western Australia we have a hard baorded with every other Australian state and the rest of the world. As the rest of the country opens up at 80% vaccinatione rate, Mark McGowan the WA premier is insisting on Western Australia reaching 90% Vaccination rate before he "allows" the border to be back to normal.

The problem is that at the recent State Election more than 85% of the general public voted him back into office... so these thinga are accepted without much questioning... However the newspaper today is carrying opinion pieces questioning this stance. This is for the first time in nearly two years that the local newspaper has some discent to the absolute power of the government.

About time I think!!

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Monday, November 08, 2021

Is there just 1 story for mainstream media?

The story of Cloe Smith who was adjucted in Western Australia on October 16th and was found on November 3rd... 18 days later is still being splashed across the new media in Western Australia... Here is my question.... should I be happy the press are giving covid a rest or wonder why cloe is everywhere?

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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Do you need a Coach or a Mentor?

I have been stuggling with the difference between mentoring and coaching for a while but I now think I understand the difference.. A mentor shares wisdom and you apply it how you see fit... a coach allso shares wisdom but it relates to a specific goal... either reaching a target or becoming better at a skills. For example, a coach will help you win a championship, yeta mentor will help you become a better player... the winning is outside a mentor's scope.

We offer both skills... either mentorship for people who just want to enjoy the most of their success or coaching which helps you achieve success either in business or a skill.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Little Girl Found!

Only if you have been under a rock, you would have missed Cloe Smith going missing 18 days ago. Well, against all the odds, the police announced today they had "rescued" Chloe from a loocked house, in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

The cycnic in me says the press were happy to run with the story of Cloe missing so they had a different front page to Covid, Climate Change, and Nuclear Subs.

Well we are back to normal tomorrow!

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Monday, November 01, 2021

Price Goughing

When people in Perth could tarvel there were 14 planes a day to Bali. Rather foolishly I thought I might be able to fly when other Australians could... November 1dt 2021.

I was listening to a podcast called allthe Hacks by Chris Hutchins and he had a Cheap flight expert on - the type og guy who can get a return trip from any where in the US to Milan Italy for under US$200.[His name is Scott Keyes]

Anyway, when asked what was the best source of cheaps flights the guest Scott said "Google flights"

I tried to find the cheapeast flight to bali and it was $1800 vis Sydney KL or Singapore compared to AUS $200 before covid... today I got a price alert that the price had gone up to $8500. Hell, that is not bad money if you can get it!!

Anyway, silly me, people living in Perth even if doubld jabbed can't fly in 2021!!

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