Monday, July 03, 2023

Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine #StemCell


I have been listening to The Joe Rogan Podcast. Anyone who talks about having an injury, Joe goes on about "connecting" them with the person who did his procedure using Stem Cells

Just this week I started reading Tony Robbins new book  "Life Force" where he talks about his injury which was cured using Stem Cells in Panama then he [Tony Robbins] talks about after getting a new car or outfit, you see it everywhere - because once we know something is important we see it evrywhere. It is the same with Stem Cells - but it is important not to read too much into the success stories of a particular therapy because there is good and bad for everything.

Joe Rogan

Tony goes onto talk a lot about everything to do with Stem Cells but cautions us about the down side of only looking through rose coloured glass, reminding us that even Aspirin has its good and bad effects. Chapter 2 ilooks only at the good news about Stem Cells.

So do your homework! Stem Cell Regenerative medicine is the future but a lot of false steps are possible yet.

But I see it everywhere, don't you?

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