Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday isn't a good day to eat lunch in East Perth

Feeling like something more substantial than a chicken wrap from Mr Bird's MYO I investigated what was on offer at the restaurants in Royal Street East Perth [ Claisebrook Village ].

I know that chefs and owners of eating houses need a day off but do they think nobody eats on Monday?? Well most of the eateries had the "we are closed" signs up today. I counted 7 "closed - we don't like people to eat on Monday" signs.

Really feeling hungry I tried Cafe Bellavista on Bennett Street which has a "open 7 days" sign.

First impressions were great - someone has spent a dollar or three doing up the restaurant and it has a welcoming feeling so I thought it would do great for lunch... however it was all downhill from there.

I was great by a delightful young English lass - enthusiastic but untrained!! After finding a seat in the the totally empty restaurant [ maybe nobody does eat on Monday?? ] I was presented with the menu and wine list.

The wine list has wine by the glass, so I said "I will start with a glass of Groundry Merlot." Sorry said the waitress, we don't have any of that... "Well any Merlot will do, as long as it is red" I suggested and I got a glass of "Merlot" which at least was red.

I ordered my main meal and asked if I could have some bread. What I received was a couple of slabs of three day old Turkish Bread which I needed to ask to be "microwaved" so I could at least eat it.

As I waited for my chicken parmigiana I noticed the background music had become very foreground... now I know it must have been very loud because Joanne keeps telling me I am deaf. Obviously the chef's favourite radio station...

The chicken was passable and then I tried my luck for a "flat white coffee." Being an Italian restaurant I thought my chances were fair to average but I have this rule of thumb - a quick coffee is NOT a good coffee. And it wasn't.

And all that cost $37 without even an passing comment on "sorry for the stale Turkish bread!"

And as I left, the waitress and the chef looked out into the street wondering why there were no other customers darkening their door.

Rating: 2 out 5 [ 1 for the new decor and 1 for being open on Monday! ]