Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is this dumb, or what!

The security camera footage from a convenience store in Mobile, Ala., tells the story.

Eric Burns Overstreet, 42, "clearly appeared to be under the influence of something other than good sense," the prosecutor said, when he got himself a large soda from the fountain, and then spilled it on the floor. He got a mop and cleaned it up himself -- but managed to spill his second and third drinks too.

After cleaning those up, he started to leave the store with a firm grip on his fourth soda when the clerk stopped him -- he had to pay for it, he was told.

Overstreet allegedly responded that he had a gun and would "blow him up." Circuit Judge Rick Stout sentenced Overstreet to a year in jail and said he hoped the soda was good.

"I should've had a V-8," he snapped back. (Mobile Press-Register) ...Rum goes better in Coke.

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