Friday, November 08, 2019

What makes the news now...

Frontpage News!

A collection of Frontpages!

I was wondering today why newspapers are so in decline!

It has to do with, in my opinion, CLIC BAIT or in old fashioned terms Headlines.

A collection of today's headlines included:

Mobile phone ban in schools in Perth
Interest-free Loan is Farners for drought [ no drought in Western Australia so not much interest]

Boris calls General election in UK - Boring

Geez not enough to make you want to nick the paper from my coffee place today - I stopped home delivery a few years ago because of this crap.


Thursday, November 07, 2019

Who has right of way on a footpath?

Pedestrians have right of way most of the time...

Here is the law:

In general, drivers are required by law to give way to pedestrians in the following situations:
· At pedestrian crossings and in shared zones.
· When the driver is entering or leaving the road. For example: when driving into or out of your driveway at home you must give way to pedestrians on the footpath.
· When the driver is turning left or right at an intersection the driver must give way to any pedestrian at or near the intersection who is crossing the road the driver is entering. This provision does not appear to apply to roundabouts, perversely.
· When the driver is doing a U-turn.

Today as I was walking, a loud horn noise broke my concentration when a lady turned left across where I was walking and nearly ran me over. I am sure... and I looked it up, if you are turning left off a main road you need to give way to Pedestrians... her excuse was the guy behind her was too close and I was easier to scare than him behind.

Scare me she did and as I avoided her I dropped my wallet which some kind soul returned to me at my home later in the morning.

Rant over!


Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Electric Cars anyone?

Will they come to Australia?

I often wonder how clean electric cars are when they are plugged into the grid.... don't they just transfer the dirty stuff from petrol to coal??


Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Banks just don't get it!

All banks are B...

I am sure you have all experienced this: Ringback tomorrow and we can help you!

On November 1st, my trusty credit card stopped working due to the card only being good until the end of October. I have been reminded countless times to update it but my coffee app from M's just stopped working... and wanted me to fix... and promptly charge me at least 7 times but kept saying it hadn't processed the sale, therefore, no Coffee!

The ladies at Maccas Morley said "we will give you a free coffee but we can't fix the charges... your bank can."

I rang the bank at 6.30 WST which is 9.30 ASST Sydney and got the usual message "As you have called outside our normal times we can't help" Not to be deflected, I turned my card over and rang the overseas number and sure enough the phone was answered - strange that... better service for overseas than Australia! Ah well, you get used to that in Perth.

After explaining the situation and the bank seeing 7 charges in 3 minutes so obviously a problem I was told if we try and fix it will take up to 8 weeks or you could talk to M's [who you will recall sent me to the bank] So, I asked could they please start the process and then the machine said "No you can't" and I was told "Ringback tomorrow and we can." Not to be deterred, I asked for a Supervisor who gave me the same script.... "If I could I would help but ring back tomorrow and I will start the 8-week process...

"Can you send me an email outlining all this?" I asked! "No" he said "We can't send emails in case it is fraud but if you RING BACK TOMORROW I can help but not today."

So off to the official place to complain [AFCA] "110% your right to go to the ombudsman" my unhelpful W Supervisor said... and I did that but they give the bank 80 days [ more than the 8 weeks to bank said it would take to a fix] to respond!

I will start a campaign today to have a $10,000 fee/penalty that makes banks actually care about their customers rather than just tell them to "Get nicked"


Monday, November 04, 2019

Wisdom Mentors

With age comes wisdom hopefully?

I was waiting to get grey hair - doesn't that signify wisdom - except my hair fell out!


Sunday, November 03, 2019

Who Really Makes the Rules?

Rules - You don't need to like them just know them

“Don't let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions.


Saturday, November 02, 2019

Look wealthy at your peril

The look often keeps you poor!

The great James Rohn has this saying which is very true and you should consider when getting that fancy car, going on that expensive cruise drinking that fantastic wine:

The appearances of wealth often deny wealth its self


Friday, November 01, 2019

Give an idiot a uniform and a gun and create a monster


This is the offending Lynfox Armaguard Vehicle

As you do a Friday when you have leisure days, I walked to the local $2 coffee shop in Coventry Square Shopping Centre.

On starting my walk home I noticed the traffic backed up into Walter Road and I went to investigate. It was a Lynfox Armaguard vehicle parked [correctly] but the right indicator was flashing as if he wanted to exit the parking space and drive off. With no visibility vehicles in the lane he was "trying" to enter had stopped to allow him to do that BUT the driver, in a uniform, busy on his phone was oblivious to the situation he was causing.

I attracted his attention but all I got for my trouble was an impolite FOff and he went back to his phone and the traffic problem continued - but hey he had a uniform and a gun.

So, if you are that Lynfox Armaguard Driver, get a life mate and be considerate of other people. I know what you do is a dangerous job but a little common sense and courtesy doesn't cost much and gets you goodwill.

I was so insensed I phoned Linfox Armaguard and was nearly choking on the repeated message about how they were an iconic successful Australian business who took their responsibilities seriously.

Maybe the driver need to listen and maybe he will get the message... or not

#Armaguard #Fail
#CoventrySqure #Fail