Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Experience Oracle

OK... maybe I make the internet seem too hard by making it seem so easy - and a little voice in my head reminds me of the critique of one of my sessions in Sydney: "The problem, Wayne, is you are the smartest person in the room" Now I am sure that wasn't true, but I acted like it was "all about me" and really it should be all about you!

So, come with me on the journey of creating a lifestyle business The Experience Oracle and I will show you how you could build something like this too!

Step 1: The name - I played around with names and then put what I had come up with in  a domain registrar site - I use and found my first 20 had already been taken... [ it is rare to get a domain name first go!]so I played around with the word guru in the synonyms page on google and came up with oracle... and the ExperienceOracle was available as a domain at $10US so I was in business

Step 2: Now we need a logo... I went to the Free Logo Sites and found one I liked [log] and then played around with font and found an image. Now truth be known, my graphic skills are lacking but my EA [those people who you find on sites like Upwork or Fiverr ] is brilliant at photoshop so I asked if she could make it a bit better - well it is a lot better!

Step 3: Create a Facebook page!

I have just finished that - the page is ExperienceOracle and it is in the category - just for fun - nothing else seemed to fit!

This is how far I got and I ran out of energy!

The header is Positano where I have been!

This has taken me a while - I asked Dr Goole what to do and now I have a unique Facebook address:

and then you need people to find you so could you like I would really appreciate it.


PS it is easy to do BUT confronting the first time [ or in my case the 20th time ] you create a facebook page.

Who is Cameron Herold

The Entrepreneurs Transition Curve
Looking for a good listen? [Gee that sounds strange...] but I recommend listening to Cameron Herold on the Jordan Harbinger podcast as he discusses making you bipolar a "superpower"

It is so good I listened a couple of times and felt like I should let you know about it too!


Friday, July 26, 2019

90 Day income is the fine!

How come the $5 billion fine Facebook paid last week doesn't get any attention - yes $5 BILLION - well it is just 90 days of income. Think on that for a while!

Only a blip on the ride!!

#Wayne Mansfield
Wayne Mansfield

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

You jest! Surely?

I thought it was as a joke when I read that there was a move on foot to remove the goalposts in football so nobody could score. But apparently, that is really on the cards. A local junior football team has been penalised all its ladder oints for wining too much.... and the pints have been given to a team who haven't won a game all season. Nonsense but true! Where will it end?? Maybe we won't need war because you can't have a winner.

Come on, guys... no winning no booing it's just not on!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Can you push it up hill?

There are some great sayings like "it is like pushing S uphill."

and "it is just sent to try us!"

Do they have to make it seem so hard!

I am not wallowing in self-pity. Well, not much anyway. but those two sayings are resonating today.



Saturday, July 20, 2019

Assange Says Sorry ?

Mmm Julian Assange is good copy - the WikiLeaks guy who holed up for 7 years in an embassy in London... Although he isn't a poster boy for antiaging!

Julian Assange ages well NOT!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Winter Afternoon in Perth - retail wows..

This afternoon I am in another of those "new" offices... the Coffe Club in Mirrabooka Square.

There are a number of new shops - retail experiences they are called but the number of coffee shops has tripled... I don't remember a Coffee Club before but hey it is a cheap office close to home and the wifi is fast, the spaces comes as a price of a flat white and I can watch the world go by.

Artist Impression of the revamped centre!

However, if all the new "shops" are coffee places, what will bring the crowds here in the future - and the original owner Stan Perron has gone to heaven at 96 ish... I bet he is rearranging the deck chairs there now...


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Is today a new day?

Sometimes conventional wisdom isn't!

I have been studying [which as a speed reader, doesn't come natuarlly] the writings of Ray Dalio is the Great book Principles.

His statement in today's reading is "Every day is NOT a new day. Over time, a body of time builds up, showing what can be relied on and what can't"

Bunnings Umbrella

So, when I started on my daily walk [see I do that each day] it was showering so I went back for the Bunnings brolly [even though it has been cold and dry for 10 days] The evidence said that I would need shelter from the drizzle.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Branch office [1 of 3000]

Mmmm the world of 2019!

I am doing my early morning writing at my coffee shop in one corner - their wifi is FAST.

In the other corner is someone going through [very loudly too!] the confirmation of a new employee, showing her how to complete timesheets [ obviously online] and all the stuff I remember having to go to HR department way back in the '70s and walking passed all those other employees... all that is in the past and never again to be in the future.

Then I think, well this is just 2 of over 3000 places that double up as branch offices for the cost of coffee [or not]

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The experience oracle?

Trends? I wish what tomorrow would be like.. and I am not sure anybody really knows.

Way back before the internet, I had a serviced office [the Servcorp type on level21 of their building in Perth]. At the time there was a stigma - aren't you a real company?? Eventually, we had a REAL office... now we have co-working spaces and "Permanent" place at coffee shops and everyone seems fine with that - and loads of vacant space where offices used to be... a Cat Hotel is opening where once a professional Real Estate Office was. Yes, a place for cats to "stay overnight while their owners are travelling or romancing."

Mmm this friend doesn't want a Doggie Hotel

What brought this on Wayne? Well I changed my morning walk and was greeted by the vacant convenience store, a 2017 car with no kms on the clock for sale at the local motor dealer [ it is a car and not a fancy SUV so out of favour] passed a vacant Hogs Breath that lasts less than 6 months after a nearly $1 million fitout... and where am I writing this from? My afternoon office, a coffee shop in the local shopping mall that is getting more and more "vacant shop" signs although they have different words - like "space available for exciting new retailer " [ maybe 4 in this shopping centre which is undergoing a major upgrade [for what I am not sure]

So, I am looking for your input. What should I be looking at for the next 20 years [ oops say 4 quarters ] The starting point is a new trading entity - the ExperienceOracle. Trends say that customers will "expect more relevant and highly personalized experiences." I suppose if I am struggling with what that means so will others.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Signs on Footpaths?

I wonder if I am just too sensitive??

A local trader is putting hid A Sign on the footpath in front of his store [ actually right in the middle of the paved path ] and it really annoys me.... personally I can walk around it BUT what about those people with less mobility?

What do you think?? Am I over reacting??

Should signs be on footpaths?

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Winter in Perth

A dilemma? Should we celebrate dry sunny days or complain that there is no rain for the farmers? I go for the celebrations how about you?

Mullaloo Beach Winter 2019

#Winter #SMM2019 #WayneMansfield 

Sunday, July 07, 2019

The First Victim of CyberBullies

A recent TED talk and then the more in depth Ted Interview with Chris Anderson featured Monica Lewinsky [Yes for those of you old enough THAT Monica]

If you haven't listened to either - YOU SHOULD.

I had forgotten how new Cyberbullies were - my run-in with them was 1999 and still most days someone references the matter [chech my Wikipedia listing if you want details] and Also the point she makes elegantly, this stuff seems to have a forever life. I hadn't really thought about forget me laws that have taken hold in Europe but maybe we should look at them.

OK, my point is this, the internet has many good and bad traits, and obviously one of its bad traits is to magnify something out of what history would have done. So, Monic's "that blue dress" will live on when in past times, it would slowly fade away.

My ask is to "have a listen" to a very positive Monica on Ted and you will, I am hoping, get a new perspective on the good and bad of the internet. [Also why clickbait is the soul mate of Fake News and confirmation Bias]

Saturday, July 06, 2019

The sentiment is changing!

As an observer, I have noticed our local [ Perth Western Australia ] daily newspaper get smaller and smaller day after day - I used to get it home delivered but after a trial to see if it was missed, haven't renewed the delivery... I read it at the coffee stop on the 10 km walk each day... even Rupert Murdoch has given up on my city with the recent sale of his one dominant Sunday Times to the holding company of the West Australian newspaper. my favourite Wednesday feature of the West Australian is repeated in the Sunday Times [ the motoring section which is sourced from Eastern States Journalists - progress they tell me!]

But a green shoot today. The Saturday edition of the West had extra ads for televisions and whitegoods to soak up the tax breaks that sailed through Federal Parliament dut=ring the week... and the paper was nearly large enough to be 2 parts as it once was but just missed the cut I think...

The only issue I see is that most people who are in line for the $1,000 bonus will have spent it 3 times by the time it arrives...

although I recall when a similar trick was pulled by Kevin Rudd in 2008 the bouns cash went to pay down personal debt... maybe it will be the same this time?