Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marketing as copy promotion

"What if someone steals our stuff?" is the wrong question.

Ask "How can we get people to steal our stuff?" Marketing is copy promotion -- the exact opposite of copy protection. Just don't share anything that is really top-secret. eMarketer fills their blogs and newsletters with helpful graphs and charts that are perfect for pasting into your reports and presentations.
And they love it - thousands of executives are displaying their chart and logo to tens of thousands of colleagues. Are they giving away too much? No way -- the free charts are handy ads for their expensive reports, the real product. What better way to sell the report than getting readers to present the highlights in a private company meeting.

Do insist that your content is properly credited, with a link to your site, but beyond that ... encourage the sharing.

The Lesson: When we advertise, we pay to spread our content. Don't stop customers from doing it for free!

More great stuff on the GasPedal blog.

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