Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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Looking for a new car online… and every things seems to be the same? Well that is no longer the case with BuyYourCar Used Cars who are taking a very different approach to other listing services believing advertising online is more than just a simple listing and picture.

Each Dealer that advertises their stock through BuyYourCar gets, Standard listings, Individual Listings, Dedicated pages in the site, Dedicated pages that list stock by Make, Dedicated pages that list stock by Price, Online enquiry forms, and Google location maps with interactive directions. The result is that natural listing for BuyYourCar on Google are going through the roof.

Have a look at Used Cars UK Or Private Car listings on Google and you will se what it means.

Dealers get enormous benefits from BuyYourCar Used Cars as well loads of benefits to the searching public. For instance that a customer has found a car that they like but it is 100 miles away, through the unique service that BuyYourCar offers they can easily see what other cars the same dealer may have in stock, suggest what other cars maybe of interest, and cleverly they can even search via price range i.e. look at all cars from £3000 - £4000.

You can see the benefits can’t you. Why travel 100 miles to view one car when their maybe two or three cars that might suit your lifestyle and budget.

BuyYourCar is rewriting the rules for online car search, because it is fresh, it is innovative and it delivers good quality content for the user.

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