Thursday, November 30, 2017

What will the future look like? Who knows?

Should we ban strange head gear!

This is a bit political today!
When Pauline Hansen was first elected to parliament she was railing against Asian Migration to Australia and about 30-40% of Australian agreed with her.
Now circa 2017 she has Muslin Migration in her sights with 30-40% of Australians agreeing with her - the number of people concerned about Asian immigration has reduced to >5%.
Will our concerns about Muslim influx similarly reduce over time?? The major difference is that there is a very small number of Muslim immigrants who have decided to "undo" anything that is Australian and NOT assimilate. This wasn't the case with the Asian migration or after the war European migration.
So the issue is how to stop radicalisation of you Muslims... yes the very small number.
Unfortunately nobody knows what the future will look like.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It won't matter tomorrow... I promise!

Now that is a crowd

7,584,375,240 that's how many people there are in the world today... and you think the opinion of 1 makes a difference??
There are two answers - one person can change the world but what one person thinks about you hardly matters!!
Just a thought!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What's your excuse?? ASPERGERS! Give me a break.

Give me a break - you are just a turd!
If I had been numbering my posts, I wonder what number I would be up to?? I will never know.
Today I think I will have a shot at all the outing of personalities that is going on. I think about the "holier than thou" class who are the glitterati, and all the preaching they do and think... why did you wait for 20 years to do this??
When a hero of mine, Rolf Harris was exposed, I was in shock not believing it could be true. Well apparently it was and everyone was "at it"
Latest is Australian Gardening Guru Don Burke... everybody knew he was an arsehole but he was a ratings machine so he was allowed to continue... and I now tend to believe the stories because he rolled out an excuse... if I did these things I don't remember or best yet, I have Aspergers. The little turd. Are you saying it was OK because of that or that all people with Aspergers are like you???
In Australia at least they don't threaten to go to Canada... that's a blessing for Canada.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The race that stops a nation

The Melbourne Cup

Thought for Today 58/500
The day that stops a nation - Australia's Melbourne Cup. They even have a public holiday in Victoria for the race day.
Can I make an admission - I have absolutely no interest in the race, will not have a "flutter" and don't even know which horses are racing. Yet, here in Perth, a nation away, about midday, nearly every citizen of Western Australia will glance at a Television screen and for 3 minutes or so be lost in the running of The Great Race. And many of those people here in Perth won't go back to work, they will imbibe too much of food and drink, and probably be impaired tomorrow too.
And back in the real world - the politicians continue to act as children working out whether they are real Australians or not. Our Parliament is embroiled in a saga of soap opera importance... are they only Aussies or are they DUAL citizens?
And people wonder why we hate, politicians, actually more than lawyers, used cars salespeople and insurance agents [ although they have died out!]
And an aside - does anyone actually read my Thought of the [To]Day - yesterday I had feedback across all my platforms and actually by phone too about peoples experience with ADD and ADHD... so thanks for letting me know that I am not just "pissing into the wind"

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Maybe you should appreciate ADHD??

Did you exercise it today?

Thought for Today 57/500
Each mornings walk I listen to podcasts and today I was listening to Edward M. “Ned” Hallowell, who studies ADD and ADHD which he says are wrongly diagnosed as disease - he says, and I have long believed, that they are a different way to think. He adds that if it is a disease it should have been called the Entrepreneurs Curse - that active mind that makes people create stuff.
Along the same lines an active brain and connections allow you to super age - maintain your "marbles whilst growing old gracefully. To help this have an enquiring mind and do puzzles - jigsaws and cross words are interacting with you and keeping your brain healthy.
My adventure with outsourcing continued yesterday - the jobless young woman turned out to be the co-owner of a 6 person company who are really quite good at what they do - it could be called marketing or deception - but it is so annoying when the ruse reinforces your belief about a group of people - and with more than 1 billion of them it can't always be true... can it.?

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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Is prejudice a positive or negative?

You don't belong here!
Thought for today 56/500
When do prejudices harm you?
Yesterday I started on upping my output for social media as I get ready to publish DONE! doing more with less the book, and some of the advice recommends outsourcing - in Australia we call it subcontracting.
I used which is an Australian listed public company... so that was a good start.
The first bids were from all over the world - the normal suspects - Pakistan, India, Philippines etc and then some from Australia and the US... Rate from $2 / hour to $25... so skill would be important. And there is a lot of advice of how to award a job.
So, I award the job twice and will compare results...
Here is what happened and where prejudice comes in... I asked for help from Freelancer and got none - I didn't expect any so I was not disappointed... have you found that help desks rarely offer any help? [ prejudice ]
One contractor agreed to terms - and asked for an example, and my feedback on his example, and said the job will be ready early.
The second contractor agreed to terms, then wanted to change rate [?] then did some work, amended it, and asked for early payment - and my prejudice kicked in.. I have a saying which would get me into trouble now... "How do you know a [ put in where they are from ] is lying?? Their lips are moving."
And to reward my prejudice, the contractor who is showing all the signs of traits that my prejudice say are from [ put in where they are from ]?
My question is - is prejudice a positive or negative in a 2017 connected world?

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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Are you a shoe girl??

When One pair of shoes is never enough

Thought for Today 55/500

Back to normal - out walking at 5 am [ had to feed the Bengal [ Blu ] before leaving... he has all of us trained well.
On my walk I listened to a podcast about the recent "hoo ha " about sexual harassment and it caused me to pause and reflect.
One of the examples I use in my seminars is how Zappos send to shoe sizes when people order shoes as they have realised that sizing is the most critical of all the factors to determine a soe purchase... and we know that ladies buy lots of shes where as men make do with one or two smelly pairs. I use the term "Are you a shoe girl?" and my audiences nearly always acknowledge they are and every so often one lady says she isn't that into shoe...
My thoughts - in this upside down world am I in danger of being accused of sexual harassment?
I think it will come to that so I will modify how I share this story - sad bloody world we live in....
And for anyone who was offended - I will try and modify my delivery moving forward - I was going to say "Suck it up sister "but I think that would make it worse!
Oh I am so glad I am entering the adjustment phase of my life [ last 25 years through to 90 ] and I can blame being from a different era for me.

Friday, November 03, 2017

When is it a perfect time??

What time is it??

Nearly missed Though of Today today - nothing worked this morning... internet was RS, chrome was playing up, and windows 10 updating... so I thought lets give it a miss.
I mentioned yesterday I was Unit sitting waiting for the internet connection but that didn't happen - the cleaner wouldn't let the Telstra guy in - small general with big power over shit - so I am back today - in the end the Communications box wasn't even locked so he could have done his stuff... so I am back waiting patiently so I have time to do Thought for Today.
Front page of my local daily paper had a picture titled "Pure Evil" of a young women just convicted of murder... apparently she killed a young man to research her horror book plot. And of course the Constant Negative News love those stories.
So, now I have written a few words I will read and contemplate until the ISP guys gets here.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Constant Negative News have a BIG day

Daily News - read all about it!

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The news people were in 7th Heaven yesterday with the ISIS attack in New York - I think more coverage in a few hours than the whole month since Las Vegas. Make you wonder doesn't it. I do think The Donald will be emboldened by it! Let's see.
And the Kevin Spacey matter goes on and on!! I wonder if nobody has gone to Canada ye because the Canadians have a good person test on their visa applications?
And the Australian Parliament continues to implode... geez the Constant Negative News boys thought all their Christmases had come at once...
My modern office experience is still taking shape... not used to being "in with the cattle" but at least the parking is cheaper in Osborne Park [ $8 compared to the city at $40 ]
Maybe when I was last "going to work" I was actually the boss - and now being one of the mob just doesn't jell. Let's see how it goes,
I am on Unit sitting duty today whilst the ISP comes and sets up my daughters connection... that will be interesting... sometime between 1 and 4 pm??
Australia Post sent a note yesterday saying my delivery had left the Post Office [ that was time stamped 6.35 am ] and I should wait patiently for the delivery... it arrived at 3.57pm. I suppose I could be happy and celebrate its arrival.
Anyway, this sounds like it is - a whinge!! Sorry!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Schools are BAD for job creation!

Barcelona has been sold down the river!

Thought for Today 52/500

On the walk this morning... I heard that most entrepreneurs didn't do well at school because they had learning issues - HDD, dyslexia, some where on the ASPERGER'S spectrum... that is the first time I had heard that when the school system wasn't able to pollute your mind [ the learning barrier ] people turned out better!
So, mums and dads, and here Grans and Granpas be thankful for small mercies...
The other interesting commentary was that new businesses employ less people due to reliance on technology - maybe we have to look at working out how to share the wealth around - maybe a new type of job needs inventing - after all Henry Ford created the assembly line worker all those years ago... before that you worked on farms.
And the farce continues in politics... in Australia's citizenship saga the President of the Senate may be English and in Spain the fearless leader of Catalonia has hightailed to Brussels.
And they wonder why trust in Politicians is at an all time low.