Thursday, December 30, 2021

Jobs for over 60's!

The most terrible problem of 2022 is ageism where systems deigned for when people died at 40 can't cope with people living to 80 with the last 20 years being paid for by the State.

Teacher's Aide.

  • Sports coach.

    Sales assistant or shop assistant.

  • Call centre operator (customer service representative)

  • Administrative assistant.

  • Childcare worker.

  • Dog walker or pet sitter.

  • Bookkeeper.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

McCartney going strong was born in 1943!

The area that could easily be fixed on the diversity scale is that which currently is the biggest... age! Did you know most systems were designed when the most common death occurred at age 40! Did you notice how old people were that succumbed to covid - 80+ was the most common age.

what happens to people who are "seniors"? They are discarded because that is "the way". This has lead to a new movement called the "Modern elder" group. People old enough to contribute from a place of experience but well enough to pull their weight.

I was reminded of this watching a series of Paul McCartney videos which talked about his age as 76plus... and he is still making hit records and performing [pre-covid] to stadium sized crowds of 50k+

He was asked at 18 what he would bw doing at "the Old age of 20" And he remarked "probably not being a player in a rock and roll band." Yet here he is in 2021, 78 Years old... still being a "singer in a rock and roll band."

Go figure!

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Friday, December 24, 2021

!0 Income ideas for 2022

 Do you want to make more $$$ for 2022 than you did in 2021?

Here is my list:

    1.    Crete manuals to sell by emails - TikTok for Business
    2.    Crank up coaching programs
    3.    Do a hashtags package
    4.    Cruise Talks [they should be back in 2022]
    5.    Speaking at Live conferences
    6.     Presenting seminars
    7.    Affiliate Netwrok
    8..    Subscription Newsletters [Substack]
    9.    Create content for various platforms
    10.  Write books and self publish on Amazon  

Attention: Friday Christmas Eve 2021!

Who would have thought that it would last this long? Covid-19 goes on!
Attention is the Game!

Back when I had influence, I took maybe 2 hours a day to comment on all my comments on Twitter - I then had 5000 follwers... Now with 100,000 followers, I am lucky to get 5 comments a week... time to responded: maybe 10 minutes a week.

What to take from this.

Go where the attention is and post appropiate content for that platform.. currently that is TikTok for all demographics seeking attention - or you could get upset and chase rainbows [ as I have done ], but you should learn from Myspace that was once worth a $1 billlion  [ that's what Murdoch paid for it] and is now irrelivant

[ unless you are an idependent music label where it is the place to be ].

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Overparenting is leading to many wimps

 I remember when I was frustrated at home my mother said, as she pointed " My Roof - my rules, don't like it there is the door!" and I left!

We had a time when there was a thing called empty nest syndrone but it is replaced with boomerange kids.

Nobody wins anymore.. everyone participates!

Well research show young people don't want to grow up because they will have to leave their mothers... it is doing harm.

I asked my grand nephew, "Do you have girls friends" but his mother said sternly " We don't say that Uncle Wayne!"

The is an explosion of mental health issues that can be traced back to over parentlng - Yes it is harmfl!!

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Mate, will you rub my legs?

Thw first time I was asked by a "street person" for a specific amount of money for a specific reson - for example " Can you let mw hve $4.50 for the train fare to Gosnells" - I was tempted to give that peroson $4.50 but I have been "cashlass" for sometime so my answer was "if you have a cardmachine I will gladly give you the $4.50" I was approached at least a dozen times with the same script but I didn't feel so gulted that I couldn't give.

This morning the script was different "Hey mate, can you rub my legs?" When I asked him to sit on a nearby bench he refused... but said " before you go, can you spare a few dollars?" Different script [ I would say a much better one!) but for the same reason... modern day begging. I would have rub his legs and probably given him my safety first cash but he didn't have that part of the scrpt down pat.
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Saturday, December 11, 2021

What happens when you life is longer than you planned!

 I often think of my uncle who retired early [62] but lived into his 90's. He was the first person who lived longer than was expected. He told me once: " You can only play golf for so many years " he stopped playing golf when he turned 90!

My situation is that my goals have been achieved but not planning for the future sucks! In another converstaion with a mates dad, I insensitively said... my uncle once said "One of the problems of getting old is that all your friends die"

This is was brought home at his funeral service which was old people but not many! [probably he outlived all of them!]

Times are now different! I was conditioned to retire at 65 [ Planned what should happen - I even picked out jobs but times have changed so much that two of the three have disappeared [Pest control and encyclopedia's have disappeared and selling cars is moving online - Honda, Hyundai and Audi!] 

So the challenge is "what to do!" The expectation of the length of life is at least 90 so there are 20 to 30 years to fill. The last few months have been a painful readjustment to those extra hours and weeks and months and years.... what should I do?

Anyway I have startes to look at thw future through different eyes.... who has made 100 ! with all their marbles!

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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Does the value of the $$ affect you?

 Most of the things I subscribe to have their price expressed in US dollars... I read with dread that a journalist is cheering that the Australian Dollar could end up at 65c to the dollar That is to I heard Dan sulivan of Strategic Coach say that most of his income is earned in the US and spent in Canada where he has a 26% advantage.... He lives in Toronto but his compnay is headquartered in Chicago..

It is amzing to me that how you frame something changes the outcome... what I need to do is earn more of my income in the US.

I was impacted by the first Internet Laws in Australia - The spam Act so when I heard that the Australian Government is Thinking of crimping the styale of BNPL platforms my first thought were "You should keep you noses out of there" [Zip Afterpay etc.] I was reminded of the words of australian Transort pioneer, Reg Ansett who said " You don't have to like the law, you just have to know it!" and again Dan Sullivan saying... "The biggest prospects are in areas where legistaion hasn't caught up yet!"

I was listening to Mike Rowes Podcast and it was talking about the Story behind the Trademeking of the Redneck Riveria by John Rich - Don't hear "no" as an answer. It seems it is how you approach stuff affects the outcome!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Let's accept it won't "snap back!"

 Over the last few days, I have slowly accepted that we are in a similar time to when horses were replce by cars... the major difference is that it is happening quicker. cars replced horses - it took 100 years to reach a time where elecric cars will replace fossil fuel and AI will replace drivers? The last 18 months has seen changes that are happenin at warped speed.. like remote working etc... people preferring to shop online... the death of the CBD and shopping malls and they are being relced by zom and other video enbled computer apps.

Change is NOT Negotiable

Are you ready for the changes?? I wasn't but think I will have to gie in gracefully.

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Monday, December 06, 2021

Maybe I was wrong?

The Covid-19 crisis continues to go on... starting in March 2020 it is now December 2021 and if we go "back to normal" it won't be what it was like. I used to do sessions in public around australia and the world which meant I was in planes 2 weeks out of four.... the new way is by zoom meetigs, and when we can there will bw different "in person" meetings... much like radio film and TV co-eisit but will never be what they were - it will be just different.

Anyway, after holding out this long it is time to say OK thngs have changed... and get on with the new normal.

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Sunday, December 05, 2021

The sun at Last!

 It has been a strange start to summer in Australia... Last year on the east coast we hade bushfires - this  year we have floods. Go figure.

Usually 30+ weather in Perth Starts in October but this was the coolest October ever! It is just geting to 30+ temperatures.

They are talking cricket - if the rain stops - that sounds like the UK?

Anyway, these are strange times!

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Saturday, December 04, 2021

MMM is it too late?

The last two years waiting for the old way to come back has been exhausting - then I realised it isn't going to... that has been a libersting thought.

In GaryVanyerrchuck's book "12 and a half" it makes the point to that evn if you are 65 or older [ I am 69] "to be curious."

He says: " If you want to get back on the field,, sixty-five to ninty can be like playtime. What if you shared your knowedge from over sixty years of life?" What if you could enhance your legacy by communicating to the world on social media, taking advantage of an opportunity you didn't have in the prime of your career?" That puts the future unto sharp focus... just like the horse and buggy, the old way isn't coming back - get over it!

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Friday, December 03, 2021

What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There:!

 I was aked to do something and made a plan and started to put into action - but I didn't tell anyone! anyway, it was assumed that I wasn't oing anything so someone else is doing the situtaion.

who's at fault?? I would have said " Not me" but thinking about it more, it is totally my fault as I din't tell anyone what I was doing. I should have shared the plan so they knew I was getting there.

Do you do the same thing too?

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Thursday, December 02, 2021

Do you feel Successful?

 As I have mentioned previoulsy I am reading Gary Vayerchucks new book "Twelve and a half" and he asks where you slot in the nearly 8 billion people.

Apparently 820 people where undernourished in 2018 [according to the WHO],40.s million people where modern day salves when they measured that in 2016... 3billion people don't have the internet and 4.5 billion people don't have a fully functioning toilet!

And you complain? About what?

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Did you know, books regularly come out of copwright if they are 70 years old or more... all Disney stories were "stolen" from out of copyright books. Great books to read [ out of copyright too ] are those by Claude Hopkins.

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

60+ you should set goals because you have a long time to go!

Did you notice that really old people succumbed to Covid - people aged 80, 90, and even 100+ My grandmother died at 63 of old age, my mother didn't make it that far, my fther was 75+ and my aunty was nearly 90. People are living longer- in 1880 people in the US had a life expectancy of 39, that changed in 1930 to 58 and is currently 79 with more people living passed 100 than ever before.


The goal setting books that impacted most peoples lives and now are freely available - like Think and grow Rich were written when people lived to old age of 60... now if you are 60 the chances are you will make 100! My simple question: what is your 10 year goal? I shortened mine to 90 days because people coule believe that but after 2 years of Covid, I have reset my goals to at least 2032 because I will live that long and more.

I want to challenge you to start to think about the most productive years of your life!

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