Monday, June 11, 2007

Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance has over 21 years experience in the air ambulance charter industry with a perfect safety record, without incident with our patients and clients. Routinely transport Americans who are abroad safely back home, they are also involved with international clients. Air Ambulance's reputation has gained them repeat and recurring business across the world for the transport of international patients worldwide.

Even with such a track record, many people, including myself have never heard the air ambulance service until now.

When researching emergency services for American trapped overseas with life threatening illness or injury I stumbled across website.

The entire team member of Air Ambulance have all been trained in flight physiology, and often include specialists in medical flight procedures when transporting patients to hospital.

Whatever the requirement of the patient, Air Ambulance can call on the services of on flight nurses and on flight paramedics. As you would imagine all aircraft are FAA approved. The level of onboard equipment to enable in flight life support is extraordinary.

The Air Ambulance fleet includes Lear Jets 55, 36, 35, and 25, Turbo Props and Twin engine planes. Whether the patient requires a quick mercy dash from Mexico to Los Angeles or a long haul flight from darkest Africa, Air Ambulance has been providing cutting edge service for over 20 years.

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