Friday, June 08, 2007

Spyware Killer

With the development of the technology, on doubt we live in the world of computer and internet.

Probably you have the experience of your computer or internet stop working for any reason, and you sit in front of the table then find out there is nothing much you can do without them, because you email is there, all the figures and reports are in there and so on.

I supposed that’s the horrible thing it could happen. But my friend was talking his experience which let me feel there is something else can be even worse.

His computer got some kind of spyware which he didn’t realise before and he kept using as normal. By the next time he received his credit card bill, he found the figure was triple than he expect. At first he thought something wrong with the bank, so he phoned them up so confidence, and ask the bank to correct the bill. But the reply from the bank is “Sorry Sir, we check all of your records again and all of them have been matched and approved”.

My friend start to realise something is wrong, he quickly remember he did some on-line shopping last month, and he read some article about on-line shopping security before. He check his computer, He bought a software called Spy Sweeper and gave his computer a fully scan, the result was ‘120 different spywares in his computer’. Those spyware track the websites his visit and intercept password and credit card numbers as he enter.

After all, he still paid the bills and he said at least he learnt from there.

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