Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why has blog engagement dropped?

Wayne Mansfield Author
I was checking how many people end up at my blog for each post - three years ago it averaged 1,000 a post, 2 years ago it had dropped to 500 a post and now we get 200 a post.

I still use the usual promo sites... twitter, Facebook and Triberr..

What do you put this down to?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

If you are wrong... do you apologise or ignore it

To admit a blunder
or keep quiet?

I have a truth to share... thinking I was doing the right thing, I have made a complete mess of a situation... should I share it or just keep my mouth shut?

Friday, May 05, 2017

Should all Macca's charge the same for the same item?

Something you mightn't know is that Perth Western Australia has the most expensive coffee in Australia and I travel a lot - I have been to the US, UK, ME, Europe, Africa and Asia in the last 5 years - I can reliably inform you that the price of coffee in Perth is it right up there with the most expensive in the world.

For example, when coffee is on special in Perth, the sign often says "Melbourne prices." I get coffee in Kent Street, Sydney and for what I currently pay $4.35 in Macca's Morley I pay just $3.50.

So what reaction should reasonable when I tried a coffee at a Macca's not more than 3 kms from my normal place, and it's coffee is cheaper... which means like my local they didn't put prices up. They charged me $4.20!

I think it sucks... and I am going to say something about it... and send an email to the price gorging owners and tell them it sucks. Will anything change?? probably not but the coffee might taste better with the rant off my chest.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Baby Boomers retiring - what now??

The life at Park Royal Penang
Jeez I hate the term... "I am over 50 and my life is over!"

I could give you the normal Kentucky Fried story of Colonel Sanders but as baby boomers reach and pass retirement age, what I would rather do is bring you a hundred ways to excel when you reach the stage [ not the age ] where you can choose what you do for the next 20 to 30 years..

Stories like Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach who at 71 has a 25 year plan involving a new book every 90 days - that means he will publish 100 books before he resets his goals... and if they only made $10 a week each that will be AT LEAST $1000 a week forever - that will pay for many holidays in Penang - Joanne and I are just back from a week in the luxury Park Royal Penang and all up it was less than $4000 including airfares, accommodation and shopping!!

I am calling this journey Rebootology the science of what to do when you can do anything you like.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Why don't politicians get it - what is a Gonski?

What is a Gonski
The news yesterday was flooded with the Turnbull Government out Gonski 2.0 for education.

Our system was designed in 1850 for 1850 factory work... not the coming driverless cars and robot assembly lines in cars and medicine.

Should we be thinking about 2020 and not 1900??
I heard Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach talking about how bad his education was in 1950 but he did learn to read... a fair trade off but surely we can do better??