Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Resolutions - Your choice

Continuing the article about setting Resolutions... here are a couple more to add to your list

Choose an expansive and empowering theme.

Says Shapiro: “Choose a theme that is expansive, gets your juices flowing, has you excited, and moves you into action. Can’t think of a theme? How about passion, peace, love, friendship, travel, or self-expression? Or maybe new horizons, adventure, or mind expansion might be a good start. Don’t worry if you haven’t named your aspiration yet –it may come out of your theme. Rather than sitting around trying to figure out your passion, choose a direction that will enable you to experience it. If all else fails and you still can’t figure out what your passion is, then make ‘finding your passion’ your theme.

“Ask yourself: Why? What is the one word you want to use to describe your next year? A good place to start is with your traditional resolutions. Then ask yourself why. Want to lose weight? Look at the reasons why. Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to have more confidence? If so, instead of dieting, ‘health’ or ‘confidence’ may be good themes.

2. Reflect on the previous year. Suggests Shapiro: “Take time to reflect on what you accomplished; the up and the downs. Be sure to really look at the powerful changes and experiences you had. The key thing is to not beat yourself up. In life we tend to focus on wins and losses. Successes and failures. When reflecting on the past, don’t focus on whether you failed or succeeded. Instead, ask yourself, Why? Why did you succeed? Why did you fail? Only through this reflection, and through embracing these situations, can you learn and grow. And of course, celebrate your successes.”

3. Develop your theme jointly. “If you are in a relationship, do these exercises together,” says Shapiro. “Use this as a chance to appreciate each other. Acknowledge one another for their contributions over the past year. And jointly choose a theme that you want to pursue together in the next year. This helps ensure that you are playing the same game, regardless of your individual interests.”

Article to be continued...

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