Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Executive Coaching - Life Coaching

Have you ever heard the term ‘life coaching’ before? I haven’t until today.

I heard this word when I had an interesting conversation with my friend. He said ‘life coaching’ is one of the phrases that 5 years ago no one had ever heard and now whenever you open the newspaper or magazine, it is really low chance for you couldn’t find an article about or by a life coach. It is interesting, I didn’t pay attention before, but when my friend told me this, I opened two magazines I had with me, and sure enough both of them have something relating the term ‘life coaching’. It is amazing, isn’t it?

So do you know what does life coach do? Or in terms of how it can help?

We live in a world that is constantly changing and increasingly complex. We’re deluged with information and spoilt for choice. Young people in particular have more options than ever before - what they do with their lives, what career they follow, where they live, whether or when they settle down and have a family. The range of possibilities is enormously exciting, but it is easy to end up feeling thoroughly confused, panicky and overwhelmed.

That’s where life coaching comes in. A good life coach will help you “go back to basics” and focus on what’s really important to you. A coach will work with you to help you discover and define exactly what you want to achieve and will support you in working towards your goals. He or she will help you find your direction and follow it.

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