Tuesday, October 03, 2006

VGA Recorder Pro

VGA Recorder Pro provides a simple, innovative means for users to simultaneously record VGA, Video and Audio Signals into a single .avi file.

Unlike VCR-based solutions, VGA Recorder Pro captures 100% of the native image quality from any VGA signal source, and can synchronously combine the VGA signal with video and audio sources. VGA Recorder Pro can record all three signal sources at the same time and switch seamlessly between multiple VGA signals without interrupting the video and/or audio recording.

It is invaluable for recording presentations, conferences, training, monitoring and surveillance, as well as user interaction with computers and other VGA devices.

VGA Recorder PRO is simple to use. It is an external standalone device configurable through its easy to use web interface. The VGA Recorder Pro is available as a desktop unit, a 4U rack mount chassis or a portable laptop.

In addition, when combined with other Epiphan Systems products VGA Record can:

Print VGA/RGB images (with VGA Printer)
Record remote meetings, web-based training, technical support and demos (with VGA2WEB or any collaboration software)
Because VGA Recorder Pro is an external device, users do not need to open their computers to install it.

VGA Recorder PRO. Technical Specifications.

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