Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Play Cash Pays Off

Money can only motivate so much before other tangible demotivators come into play... tax tax, self worth, other priorities...

In our work with large sales teams selling house insulation, we instigated a Gorilla Dollar Program to compensate for the fact that once the sales team started to earn more than $1,500 a week, the tax and hours became demotivators... why earn more if the taxman gets half!

The problem for our client is that they had to make every post a winner during the summer in Perth. On some days our client was getting 90 enquiries for insulation. The sales team were earning so much, that 30 or 40 leads went begging each very hot day.

By encouraging fun, team competition and team building with Funny Money... we called it Gorilla Dollars, we were able to have every call answered with a visit and the extra business helped out client increase market share by 12%.

Gorilla Dollars were rewarded for appointments kept, multiple sales, first sale of the day, ... as many excuses as we could think up. We produced Gorilla Dollar Bills and built a a money wall... each award of Gorilla Dollars was recorded and the Gorilla Dollar was added to the wall. After a month, nearly 1,000 Gorilla endorsed bills were taped to the wall.

At our awards evening, Gorilla Dollars were exchanged for Scratch and Match tickets, mystery filghts, prizes, cinema tickets, meal vouchers... the promotion was cost effective and produced spectacular results...

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