Thursday, October 12, 2006

London - the place I want to go

I have a friend who just came back from London for a holiday. He said to me London is a greater place to be...

I want to go to Euro. for long long time, but haven't got any chance to go yet. I am also very interested in London, from the knowledge I know it is a city with long long histroy, and lots of attrctions needed to see. So I ask my friend and he gave me some suggestion on London tourist attractions...

The National Gallery
This is a "must" place to go. The Gallery diplays western paintings from about 1260 and includes works by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

British Airways London Eye
it dominates the South Bank of the River Thames. Fittingly sponsored by British Airways, they Eye's 30-minute 'flights' offer a breathtaking, bird's-eye view of the capital. And to do it in style, book your own private capsule, which affords you exclusive check-in, priority boarding and a range of divine refreshments, such as champagne cocktails and canapes.

Buckingham Palace
At any one time, there is a gaggle of tourists standing at the gates of 'Buck House', cameras at the ready, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

Also my friend said to me, the traditional British food is not as bad as we imagine... He found a place where specialised in meat and fish named 'Simpson's' is just fantastic, and the palce has been serving traditional food since 1828

There are too many places to go and see, so the best way is find sometime and get rid of tird work and everything, bring some friends with you together, discover your self...

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